Five Vital Steps to Accelerate Your Success in 2017 – Tony J Selimi

As the end of 2016 approaches, it is perfect time reflect on the year passed by, revaluate our life, and start planning the year ahead.

If you are ready to take the reins of your life and in need of some form of guidance then you have come to the rigth place. In this blog I am going to share with you five vital steps to help you consciously decide what is going to be in store for you in 2017.

For many people out there 2016 has been a turbulent year full of uncertainty, fear, and unexpected events that equally shocked and awakened humanity in profound ways.

Throughout history we have had similar events that brought about all of the good and bad things we today love or like to criticise.

The truth is all that we observe in life is the creation of our collective consciousness, but our human awareness barely recognizes this. We have become blinded to the existence of a higher order, the intelligence that governs all life, the equilibrium that already is in place, and our individual contribution.

It is precisely this vail that I observe in many of my clients who seek my help to accelerate their human and business potential.

Our brain is always balanced but our human awareness is blinded by our skewed perceptions and limiting beliefs. It is this that stops many people from creating the life they truly want and dream about.

All of the successful people that I have studied, been mentored by, and have come across know this. They all had mentors, coaches, and a great plan that they followed in order to achieve unprecedented success they now enjoy.

It is this same choice that I made back in 2010 that helped me accelerate my growth and create a very successful global coaching, training, speaking, and consulting business that I now love.

We hear it all the time, been told by our parents, society, friends, etc that succeeding at anything you need to work hard and it takes a lot of time to achieve the results we want.

Over the period of time they become our beliefs that subconsciously create the reality we so desperately want to change.

It is this kind of outdated beliefs that are running programs in your subconscious mind that sabotage your success. Many of you fall in the same trap that your parents, friends, and other people around you might be caught.

What coaching did for me and can do for you is to help you change this, to bring to your conscious awareness your beliefs that sabotage everything you may be working hard to create.

To help you accelerate your success it is essential to work with someone who can be a clean mirror and a fine tuned ear that picks up traces of injected values and beliefs that may be incapacitating your inborn abilities to succeed.

Up to 2010 I used to work very long hours to make ends meet. Like most people around me I felt frustrated, fearful of what future has on hold for me, and lacked the direction my life was going to take.

What happened in the last six years forever changed the way I perceive and create my reality. Instead of working hard for the things I wanted to achieve in my life, I now live daily with new empowering beliefs that support me to work smarter. I now help people do the same so just like me they too are also able to create conscious quantum jumps that pitch into existence the things they truly want.

Here are the five vital steps I use daily, teach my clients, and you too can adopt to accelerate your human potential and help you focus, plan, and create your desired outcomes in 2017.

Step 1: Clarify what Success means to You

One of the major problems that most of my clients face is the lack of clarity behind the success they are seeking. Before you go to step two, take pen and paper and write down how your life will change when you achieve the success you are seeking. For instance if you want more money, write down what will you do once you had money, what meaning will those experiences have for you.

Step 2: Create a Detailed Plan

A plan is like a road map that shows you where you are now and the best route to use to get to where you want to be. Being a student of wisdom I love learning from Dr John Demartini. In one of his seminars I heard him say “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. It is this that inspired me to create my Vital Planning for Elevated Living document that helped me accelerate my success and has now become very popular coaching program that clients from all professional backgrounds use to plan their purpose driven life.

Don’t just think “I have a plan in my head”, the truth is you won’t remember all the little twists and turns along the road…write it down in black and white and in as much detail as you can. Each and every day, do at least one thing that will advance your progress toward the outcomes you want to achieve in 2017 and beyond.

Step 3: Invest in Your Continues Learning

My grandfather used to say to me, the water that does not flow becomes polluted. Similarly, if you are not continuously learning, your knowledge becomes outdated and toxic for your body-mind and heart. Learn everything you can about what inspires you, invest in you by working with an expert to help you advance your learning. Knowledge is power. Surround yourself with people that achieved the success you are seeking, and find ways to serve people who are seeking the knowledge and the success you already have achieved.
Step 4: Find a Great Role Model, Coach or a Mentor

If you start to associate with someone who has succeeded in the field you are pursuing, associate yourself as closely as you can with that person. Get them to be your mentor, coach, or find ways to be of service to them. First-hand knowledge is more valuable than any other kind. Successful people have already made mistakes and they can help you avoid some pitfalls. They can open doors for you that would remain firmly closed without their help.

The truth is, the more you learn about yourself, the more you can organize this information in ways that you can easily access when you need it. The more you invest in your personal and business development, the faster you will grow. Continues investment in myself helped me become a global expert in human behaviour and cognition known as The See-Through Coach. A best-selling and five times award-winning author who now loves helping the owners of 6,7,8 and 9 figure businesses resolve problems, advance their learning, and accelerate their results whatever they may be.
Step 5: Take Action and Apply What You Learn

I come across so many amazing people who have spent years of learning that are struggling in their life. The only thing that stops them is not having the clarity required in order for them to apply what they know and take the appropriate action to achieve the success they want. Make sure you use the knowledge that you gain from your coach, mentor, seminars you attend or from doing your own research and put it into action now.

The overnight success people observe in me happened because I chose daily to not take “no” for an answer. When I get knocked down…I tell yourself to get up. When a door closes…I find ways to crawl through a window. If you too did what successful people do, you too one day end up becoming an overnight success in the eyes of those who did not take action during the time you kept trying.

If you find yourself stuck in situations that stress you out or make you frustrated, take action now and make 2017 the year you accelerate your success. If you have procrastinated about stuff for months or even years – perhaps being more confident, address mental or emotional issues, getting fit, starting your own business or finding a loving partner – why not make 2017 the year you really go for it!

If your life has been a bit flat for a while, make 2017 the year you embrace something amazing! Experience the world in a different way, step out of your comfort zone, be daring.

I have a selection of Coaching Programs that together with my signature five day Vital Planning for Elevated Living Program will help you get your life back on track, do what you love and be abundantly rewarded, so what are you waiting for?

Schedule a clarity coaching consultation in 2017 and start taking back control of your life, your business, your organization.

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On that note, I wish you a fabulous start of the New Year, make sure you take action and encourage yourself to believe in your ability to change things in 2017!

Go for it! Make 2017 special and create the success you want. Make it the year you say, “Wow! That’s when it all changed, it’s the year I became successful!”

Here is to your joy, success and accelerated growth,

Tony J Selimi