If you agree that Mastery is an inner process of transformation from the inside out then you have come to the right place.

You are not alone…Many people around the world including celebrities such as George Clooney, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Oprah, even the new president elect Donald Trump experience the feeling of being stuck, isolated, and becoming uncertain about their future.

This also was the case with me six years ago when I faced redundancy. Looking back, I had to face the fears, the shame, and the loneliness that came as I embarked on a never ending emotional roller coaster that each passing day dragged me deeper in the caves of solitude being tied up with unbreakable chains that kept me imprisoned in the prison of my own creation.

As I hit rock bottom, I decided to purchase every personal development program out there. I also started to attend talks, seminars, and workshops in the hope to take ownership of the direction my life was going. I continued to work with my coach, mentor, and the various healers to help me heal from within.

It was also during this time that I came across Dr John Demartini whose programs, guidance and mentorships alongside the KPI Program (Business Accelerator Nine Months Program) helped me create the breakthroughs that lead me to create a very successful coaching, training, and speaking business that I now enjoy and love.

Having travelled the world with coaching successful private clients, I got to understand how I and most people on this planet operated from the victim/rescuer/observer role. It is this that places us on an emotional roller coaster that only the unhealthy part of our ego enjoys.

This got me thinking and took me on another inner self discovery journey. I went to see my spiritual teacher John of God in Brazil and spend three weeks meditating at the casa asking God, the spirits, and the Universe to help me create a unique methodology that billions of people around the world can use to let go the victim mindset of their past and become masters of their destiny.

As part of my KPI program, to raise my profile and be able to reach more people I had to write a book. My first attempt was disastrous, I felt pushed and what I wrote did not resonate with my heart. Although many people told me the book was amazing, my heart new I had to write the manual for humanity that since childhood I have been thinking about.

Despite the investment in money, energy and time made so far, I decided to write the book that felt close to my heart. I hired my publisher Mindy Gibbins-Klein as my book coach to help me focus and keep me accountable throughout my writing process.

I started to write my first book A Path to Wisdom from my Pimlico flat, as I got hired to coach clients around the world, my writing continued in some amazing locations that many of my successful UK and international clients love to take me.

The book writing continued during the time I was coaching clients in the island of Hvar in Croatia, Essaouira and Marrakech in Morocco, Swiss Alps, Macedonia, Kosovo, Germany, and the final draft was finished in Brazil at the Casa Dom Ignazio just before Christmas 2013.

Little I knew back then that three years down the line I would become an international award-winning and best-selling author of not only my first book A Path to Wisdom but also my newly released book #Loneliness the Virus of The Modern Age.

As more people become aware to the truth that the outer world we experience is the external out-picturing of our internal thoughts, feelings and attitudes, the better our world becomes and the faster they become masters of their reality. It is this inner journey that is required for billions of people to take to become empowered to change their outer world experience of life whatever they may be.

The twenty five conscious engineering steps that I talk about in A Path to Wisdom are part of the TJS Evolutionary Method® that I use to help personal, professional, and the owners of 6,7,8 and now even 9 figure business owners find solutions to their problems.

The method is set up in a way that helps people change their inner world first. In my humble opinion, we are here to be all we can be, to learn, expand, and accelerate our human potential. From studying, observing, coaching, and being with some very successful people I know that there is no other way..

For sure you know it already……You always have the choice to stop playing the victim game but it takes a certain amount of courage to do so. It also takes for someone who has walked the talk to be a great mirror to help you polish your own mirror.

Here are the five vital steps you can use each day to Master Your Life.

  1. See everything you experience as something that you created in order to grow spiritually from. Each and every day repeat to yourself this mantra I teach all of my clients: “I acknowledge that I am the master of my reality and equally embrace support and challenge.”
  2. When challenged by a situation or a person, remember its their pain, shame, or fear that speaks. Chose to see the Christ/Love/Light/Mohamed/Buddha Spirit within everyone and adjust your response accordingly.
  3. When you wake up ask yourself, how else can you serve the people you encounter each day. This will put you in a daily mode of practicing an attitude of gratitude.
  4. Learn to Live in the NOW. Yes we all have things we want to have, achieve and create, it is the very same yearning to have things that stops you from living, being and loving the moment.
  5. You are a miracle, to unleash the wisdom you have make sure you invest in a coach/mentor/healer, etc. It is the best investment that reaps countless rewards.

It is this consistent investment in me that I used to heal my body, balance my mind, master my emotions, and awaken my heart to the infinite wisdom of the love. It is what lead me become human behaviour expert globally known as The See-Through Coach who helps thousands of clients accelerate their personal and business growth.

It is my heart’s thirst to reach, educate, and heal the lives of one billion people that inspires me into action every awakening day. It is this mission and vision to be of service to humanity that recently got me to being interviewed in San Diego by legendary Brian Tracy and appear on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and their affiliate channels.

Now it’s up to you to use these Five Steps daily to grow in an ever-expanding spiral reality. This is really how the universe functions: Stars are like spirals of energy, we are those stars, so make sure repeat the cycle to learn, grow, and use the five vital steps shared all over again.

Be authentic, wealthy, and healthy,

Tony J. Selimi

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