In pursuit of happiness, success, and wealth you will stumble across many challenges that will either paralyze you or inspire you to take action. Which one applies to you depends on your ability to safely navigate through an ocean of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and injected values that you have been exposed since a very young age.

It is no secret that we live in a world that is technologically advanced, economically challenging, and mentally draining. We are consumed by fears, worries, and troubles of life that push us in various directions without us having the time to realize how much we have missed out on life.

In this dynamic way of living our lives we often forget the true power that lives within each one of us. Each human being is equipped with the ability to gain the wisdom that can turn their life’s greatest adversity into opportunities and massive breakthroughs.

On this journey to learn from some of the greatest minds of our time, I concluded that what really matters to us all is directly correlated with how happy, successful, and content we are inside.

So, to understand these three key human needs I spent the last twenty five years researching, learning, and writing about my findings. It is the many personal life challenges that put me on the path I am today, what inspired me to write two best-selling books, what lead to being endorsed by Dr John Demartini, and being interviewed by legendary Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield, the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The success principles.

Before you continue reading the rest of this article take a moment and answer this important question:

Why is it important for you to pursue a life that brings you the success, health and wealth that you deserve? 

Truth is anyone with a grain for grey matter understands that for us to be able to pay the ever increasing rents, soaring education and medical costs, and cope with the demands of our daily lives we need to find ways to generate wealth at times where globally the salaries and the standard of living are dropping.

In simple words, you are working more and more for less and less. This is not the life you came to live nor is the American dream you may think it is. If you look at what is happening globally, you will come to understand it is more in line with one of the worst scenes from a very scary movie.

If you are reading this you are either a curious soul, on your way to creating the success you are seeking, or created the wealth and are ready for the next steps in your journey to create an unprecedented success in all of the eight key areas of life.

Whatever your reason may be, here are the Five Vital Steps of the TJS Formula I use with thousands of clients from all sectors, markets and professions to help them create unprecedented success, achieve perfect health, and create more wealth in their life.

The same five steps are also what I used in my own personal life to become an expert in my field, travel the world, coach ealite clients, meet interesting people, resolve business problems, and internationally be known as The See-Through Coach who within five years went from zero to building a seven figure coaching, speaking and consulting business.

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, coach, author, healer, or someone who loves to grow, then you may choose to adopt this formula to create the success, credibility, and the lifestyle you want.


Clarity + Consistency + Commitment + Credibility + Collaboration = TJS Success Formula


Success means different things to different people, whatever it may be for you, use this five step formula in your day to day life to gain the clarity you require. Become consistent in your actions that are required to enhance all of the eight key areas of life.

It is your commitment to learn, grow, and educate your mind that will lead to your credibility and for many people to want to collaborate with you. Using TJS Formula on a daily basis will help you build the credibility required to be known as the expert in your field who goes out in the world and makes a major difference.

Using TJS Success Formula consistently you too can gain the clarity required to step into your greatness, by investing in your education, professional training and personal development you will build the credibility required to build a successful lifestyle business that many of my clients have today, and through collaboration with people who are in sync with your values you too can reach new heights.

Investment in time, energy and money in my personal development is what helped me create TJS Success Formula and reach new heights I never imagined I could.

In the process I overcame many of my personal and business challenges that I share in more detail in my #1Amazon best-selling books A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness to help others create the success they require, achive the balance that is neccessary to build a legacy.
One of my mentors and teachers that consistently I have been learning from is Dr John Demartini, international best-selling author who’s wisdom, guidance, and support have been paramount in helping me acknowledge my truth, free my soul, and expand my vision.

The more I learned about who I truly am, the more I became of service to ever increasing number of people, and the more people started to invite me to take an expert role on a global speaking stage.

All my life I have consistently spent 10% to 20% of my income in my personal and professional development. I also worked with some of the greatest healers around the world and attended seminars designed to help me build a global business.

I used TJS Success Formula to create my own unique IP that I share in both of my award-winning books A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness. I also use it when I create partnerships with other successful individuals such as Joel and Timea Van der Molen, the owners of Vandercom, a leading telecommunication and IT service provider company, Nick Nanton from Celebrity branding, and many other world renowned figures such as Steve Harrison and Jack Canfield.

TJS Success formula is just one of the many formulas that are hidden in the twenty five principles of TJS Evolutionary Method-ALARM®.

Use the above to propel you on your journey to creating unprecedented success, heal your body mind, and increase your capacity to receive by serving more people in the world.

And if you are someone who loves to be the one percenter, is ready to accelerate their human potential, and on a mission to achieve unprecedented success and wealth then pm to book your two hour initial consultation.

Using my unique approach I have helped many people reach a flow state that helped them create The Most Amazing Life Possible.

To your joy, health, and greatness,

Tony Jeton Selimi

P.S. Even when it is cloudy the sun shines every day, so can you. Get up and shine!