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performance and help you create consistent breakthroughs.

Hiring Tony as your trusted See-Through coach will boost your mental

purpose in life can accelerate your growth and realize your dreams.

Clarifying and aligning your values with your vision, mission, and

on a truly transformational life journey.


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#Loneliness will get you to the heart of your true being.

fulfilment. Unleashing the hidden blessings of

formulas for living, relating, and achieving

If you are someone who wants to learn new

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optimum state of physical health and well-being.

and discovering your power is important to achieving

interviews Tony J. Selimi on why unraveling, owning

Jack Canfield,co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul™

Potential, Power & Purpose.
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technology and our desire to become limitless.

shift our collective moral compass in sync with

event that either makes us extinct or it pushes us to

technology (CASIT) may lead humanity to an epochal

our desire to create conscious artificial super-intelligence

In this mind illuminating TEDx talk, Tony explains how

A Wake-Up Call

Technological Armageddon
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natural state of inner balance, harmony and peace.

and understand the stressors that bring you out of the

with a head full of noise, stress, your unmet needs,

with fewer resources and less time. Learn how to deal

and highly driven professional expected to do more

This mindfulness course is for the busy, overworked,

An Introduction to

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performance, productivity and organizational well-being.

creates bespoke solutions that increases your teams

that stop you from acquiring exponential growth. He

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Every business faces a plateau, uncertainty, and

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Joel Van der Molen support his vision for humanity.

the next stages of our human evolution, and what made

of one billion people is what can help mankind through

Tony J. Selimi on why awakening the love in the hearts

Qirjako Qirko the Albania’s Ambassador interviews

The Albanian Visionary

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that explores the thin lines between love and lies.

inner ALARM. Shocking intimacy and gripping tension

the side effects of midlife crisis and not listening to our

coaching documentary series was created to highlight

thought-provoking and mind illuminating real life

Billions of people are afraid to speak their truth. This

Living My Illusion

Yes I Am!

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of the game of life? If so, start reading the Award-

your life, influence outcomes, and master the rules

Are you ready to empower the eight key areas of

Sync The Body-Mind-Heart

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Tony has helped thousands of people breakthrough life’s greatest challenges and live inspired lives. Join his large base of happy clients.

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Tony J. Selimi specializes in focusing people’s energy, time, and mental faculties to build the confidence, momentum, and work-life balance required to overcome personal challenges, resolve business problems, and increase their performance, productivity, and shareholder profitability.

He is among the world’s leading authorities on the psychology of breaking through perceived limits and in assisting people to achieve quantum leaps in empowering all of the key areas of life, including social, business, finances, spiritual, physical, relationship, mental and emotional well-being. His work is embraced by Fortune 500 CEO’s, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, MPs, lords, royalty, millionaires, billionaires, and celebrities.

Internationally known as The See-Through Coach, he is regularly sought after to advise, mentor and speak on subjects encompassing leadership development and empowerment, business growth and success, and attaining financial freedom. Tony’s expertise extends to areas of mindfulness, relationships, healing mindset, spirituality, and love. As an expert in these vital areas, he is skilled at improving the overall wellbeing and organization of any corporation regardless of its size or industry. He is hired by clients from all industries including government organizations, leaders, and educational institutions throughout the UK, United States, Canada, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Tony is four times the #1 International Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author of “A Path to Wisdom: How to live a healthy, balanced and peaceful life,” which was shortlisted for the Management Book of the Year Award and won the finalist title in the USA Book Award. His book #Loneliness: The Virus of The Modern Age was the Winner of The Book Excellence Award, and was given the Readers Favourite Five Star Seal.

As one of the Your Tango Expert, he regularly mentors clients from the Self Growth community and speaks at prestigious events hosted by Rotray Club, United Nations headquarters in New York, TEDx, and the Cranfield School Of Management. Tony is a featured expert in the coaching documentary series “Living My Illusion” and has appeared on over one hundred television and radio stations across the world, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, SKY,  and AlsatM. In addition, he has been interviewed by experts such as Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. Tony’s online contributions have reached an audience of over fifty million people worldwide.

Hiring Tony J. Selimi, The See-Through Coach, will result in knowing your true authentic values, accelerating your personal and business growth, increased team and leader performance, and a keynote speech that will educate and inspire your audience.

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“Tony is a phenomenal speaker and writer with the ability to touch your soul because he speaks from his heart. This is a life-changing book written by a truly inspirational person on a much-needed topic in today’s world.” Shay Allie, barrister and author

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Read, learn, grow, and find answers to resolve issues, balance emotions and expand your life fulfilment and potential. Read #Loneliness and A Path to Wisdom to take your personal or professional success to a whole new level. Tony’s books are a fusion of real modern psychology, science, spirituality, personal and client experiences, a lot of research, and applied wisdom.

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Experience a life that inspires you

Make the wisest life decision today by booking Tony as your See-Through Coach to help you transform whatever you perceive as ‘in the way’ to ‘on the way’. Tony’s integrated approach to well-being gets you past your self-imposed limitations so you can develop your true potential, empower all areas of your life and achieve even more than you may once have thought possible.

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