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Kitchen helper, barman, waiter, handyman, retail sales assistant, dance teacher, netowrk manager, IT manager, head of IT, and program manager were just a few of the entries on Tony J. Selimi’s CV before he moved into personal, professional and spiritual development industry. He turned his love for learning, teaching, writing, healing, traveling, motivating and inspiring others to be healthy, wealthy and wise leaders of their lives into a successful global speaking, coaching, mentoring and consulting business. Tony certainly walks his talk, he went from being a teenage victim of war living homeless on the streets of London, to winning the ways and becoming a Key Person of Influence in his industry. He is an expert serving the Self Growth community and Tony’s books and work were endorsed by world’s best human behaviour expert Dr John Demartini, he has appeared as an expert in Living My Illusion coaching documentary series, and was interviewed by legendary Brian Tracy on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and their affiliate channels reaching over 40 million viewers worldwide. He is now internationally renowned Key Note Speaker, Award- Winning and Bestselling Author of A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness, and Human Behavioural Expert known as The See-Through Coach. For many who have seen Tony speak, they describe him as one of the most moving, grounded, and inspirational heart centered speakers that challenges your mind and touches your soul in profound ways. Hire Tony now to inspire your audience, deliver keynote speeches, and give value to your audience.

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“Tony is a phenomenal speaker and writer with the ability to touch your soul because he speaks from his heart. This is a life-changing book written by a truly inspirational person on a much-needed topic in today’s world.” Shay Allie, barrister and author

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Read, learn, grow, and find answers to resolve issues, balance emotions and expand your life fulfilment and potential. Read #Loneliness and A Path to Wisdom to take your personal or professional success to a whole new level. Tony’s books are a fusion of real modern psychology, science, spirituality, personal and client experiences, a lot of research, and applied wisdom.


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