TJS Evolutionary Method®

“Love is both creator and destroyer of life. When you learn how to harness the power of love, you come to a place within yourself that acknowledges the infinite wisdom you have, inspires you to achieve astronomical results, and helps you bring about the miracles you desire.”
Tony J. Selimi

With this message in mind, Tony J. Selimi went ahead and created the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM®. The conscious engineering processes embedded in this five step method are designed to dissolve volatile emotions that keep people trapped, bring about clarity of thought, vision, mission, purpose and synchronize the mind with the wisdom of the heart.

Developed through 30 years of research and accruing this phenomenal knowledge that Tony gained both in the corporate world and as a coach and healer who has helped thousands of people overcome various personal, professional and business challenges he now uses it to help people from all walks of life break free of shame, guilt, expectations, control, fears, trauma, and other mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages that keep them in the shadow of their own light.

TJS Evolutionary Method is your personal guide to activating your purpose and the flash light you needed to shine your path to love and infinite wisdom.”Adam Frewer, Energy Rebalancing Cach

The processes embedded in each pillar can take you to the deeper parts of self, beyond perceived limits, and false façades of the Ego. This is the place where you can uncover the layers where the coping mechanisms become conscious, your perceptions are balanced, and your heart is in a state of equilibrium. This is the place where heart mind cohesion truly happens.

Say Yes to Life and Start Learning Now!

This sophisticated ALARM guarding mechanism that Tony talks about in more detail in his book is there as a protecting mechanism to keep you safe and small, unnoticeable from a perceived threat. It is also there as the most powerful tool you have to help you listen to the inner wisdom, voice, and the calling of the soul to do the work that is required to transform and align your life with the actions required to fulfil your highest mission.

When we have events in our lives that we feel overwhelmed by, burdened by, stressed by, are emotionally draining to us; TJS Evolutionary Method® allows us to see things in a way that allows us to turn these same experiences into acceptance, clarity and a rocket fuel that propels you to a galaxy of infinite opportunities.

The TJS Evolutionary Method: The ALARM® consists of five main pillars: Acknowledge, Love, Achieve, Results and Miracles, all of which will help you to create clarity of mind, thought, and heart which is required to deliver astronomical vision and know your purpose in your life.

The TJS Evolutionary Method®:

Give yourself the permission required to open you to a new world, new way of thinking and new possibilities.

All that you may want to know is already there within you, in your DNA in your existence. This is the method, the manual and the journey you need to take to help you understand who you truly are, why you live the way you do, and how to go about using this inner built-in wisdom to live the life of your dreams.

Start learning this unique TJS Evolutionary Method® and be among the thousand or more people around the world who have reawoken an enthusiasm for living, developed a strong sense of direction and overcome their most burdensome challenges. You too can maximise human potential, awareness, and can contribute towards creating a conscious society in which people experience greater health, wealth, balance and inner peace.

By using TJS Evolutionary Method® and completing the exercises within the book, you learn how to:

Acknowledge and own your power (achieve great health, balance, and influence)
Listen to your body’s wisdom and experience life through the infinite wisdom of love (live from a place of gratitude, compassion, and acceptance)
Accept your authentic self and achieve higher vibrational states of awareness and intelligence. (Speak your inner truth, get clear on your personal values, be authentic and true to who you truly are)
Reconnect to your life’s purpose, have greater clarity, and focus (move from Reasons and Resistance to delivering the Results and the outcomes your heart wants)
Master your life, live your dreams. (Become mindful in every area of your life, live in harmony, be present, and create infinite value. Live inspired and create infinite value through mindful living.)

Reaching far beyond what people say with words, Tony looks at the soul level, beyond the façades people create and at the energy of what is being presented and is able to invite change at the core of each being he comes across. He invites people to truly live—to live without apology, with total presence, no longer needing to hide their differences and unique capacities from the world.

After learning the method you will free yourself from that rut you’ve been stuck in and start to live the meaningful and inspiring life you’ve always wanted.

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“Being in the company of this lovely, sweet, and enormously advanced gentleman – and he is a true, gentle man – is one of the highlights of my life. His wisdom is far reaching, and yet comprehensible and ‘do-able’. Whether you are in the healing and coaching field or not, we all need some sort of mentor. I doubt you will meet any who surpass this Macedonian genius, even though he has his own guides who, I suspect, also look up to him for his gifts are truly extraordinary. I feel I have to shout – and his TJS Coaching Method and Crystal Light Bed therapy is one of those hallowed, yelling occasions. I highly commend and recommend Tony, his coaching and this healing treatment.”
There are not enough words, or the quality of Language available to describe the work of Tony J Selimi- who in a matter of timeless moments again went ahead to transform the destiny of another Human Being with such delicacy, Truth, Love and focused Lazor Beam Intent.
Anthony Wade, Dr Voice.

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