TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™

“Love is both the creator and the destroyer of life. When you learn the true science of love, you come to understand that you can have anything you want. You acknowledge that every trait you dislike about yourself and others plays an important part in interacting with your external reality and your internal evolution of self. Your innate thirst for adventure, growth and transformation is what enables you to bring about the miracles of life, achieve astronomical results and live an extraordinary life.”- Tony J. Selimi

Overcoming many life adversities, spending years in studying, and delivering over 10,000 hours of one on one coaching, mentoring and bioenergy healing sessions, Tony J. Selimi went ahead and created the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™. The twenty-five conscious engineering processes embedded in this five-step integrated, holistic method are designed in a way that creates breakthrough results in any vital area of life. Each principle when applied in your internal and external world, it gets to the root cause of one’s personal, professional, business, or spiritual issues, dissolve volatile emotions that keep people trapped in the illusion of their creation, bring about clarity of thought, vision, mission, purpose, balance their skewed perceptions, awaken their hearts calling and achieve quantum leaps in their chosen area of life.

He developed his method through 30 years of research and accruing this phenomenal knowledge that Tony gained both in the corporate world working as a senior manager delivering multi-million technology programs for companies from all market sectors and as a speaker, coach, mentor and healer who has helped thousands of people from all professions overcome various personal, professional and business challenges.

Tony uses his integrated and holistic method to improve team productivity, organisational performance and profits, create, grow and scale businesses, help people from all professions break free of addictions, fears, low self worthiness, shame, guilt, judgements and expectations that cause people to be isolated, play control games, develop fears and phobias, experience trauma, and develop other mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages that keep them imprisoned in the shadow of their light.

“Tony’s TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™ can help you upgrade your systems of living, create an inspired vision for your life, serve as the flashlight you needed to illuminate your path to love and infinite wisdom.”Adam Frewer, Channel and Energy Re-balancing Coach

The processes embedded in each pillar can rewire your brain, take you to the deeper parts of self, beyond perceived limits, and false facades of the inflated-deflated “Ego States.” You learn to uncover the layers where the coping mechanisms become conscious, your perceptions are balanced, and your mind is in a state of equilibrium. You create the breakthroughs needed to experience the body-heart-mind cohesion and tears of inspiration that change you forever and for better.

Say Yes to Life and Start Learning Now!

This sophisticated ALARM guarding mechanism that Tony J. Selimi shares in more detail in his Amazon bestselling book A Path to Wisdom, is the built-in protecting mechanism that can alert you before things get out of hand. It teaches why you keep yourself safe, small, unnoticeable from a perceived threat. It is also there as the most powerful tool you have to help you break-free addictions, fears, self-imposed limits, activate your inner infinite intelligence, and help you listen to the calling of your heart. The place where your soul lives and the place where your knowing exists, the place where you start to honour the work you need to do to transform and align your life with the actions required to fulfil your ever-evolving vision, mission, and purpose in life.

When you have events in your life that you feel overwhelmed by, burdened by, stressed by, are emotionally charged by, and are drained by, using the principles of the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™ you can see things in a way that allows you to turn these same experiences into lessons, gratitude, acceptance, and a clarity that can fuel the rocket that propels you to a galaxy of success where infinite opportunities reside.

The TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™ five-step method overall message is, the more you learn to acknowledge the true meaning of love, the more you start to achieve astronomical results and bring about miracles in your life. Using those steps daily, consciously, and with loving intention will help you be more productive, energised, engaged and it can activate the dormant wisdom in you that creates clarity of thought and heart needed to live a balanced, healthy, peaceful, wealthy, and love-infused life.

The TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM ™

Give yourself the gift of learning, training and expanding your awareness of what is possible for you, your business and life. Hire Tony J. Selimi to teach you how to use the TJSeMethod to open you to a new world, a new way of thinking and a new way of being needed for you to open the doorway to infinite growth possibilities.

All that you may want to know is already there within you, in your DNA in your existence. This is the method, the manual and the journey you need to take to awaken you to who you truly are on the inside and outside. Each principle can teach you why you live the way you do, and how to go about using this inner built-in ALARM to support you to consciously create the life you know you deserve to have and you dream about.

Start learning how to apply the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™, integrated and a holistic method, and be among the millions of people around the world who have reawoken an enthusiasm for living, working, leading, growing, and developing a strong sense of direction by overcoming their most burdensome challenges. You too can live healthily, be wealthy, make a bigger impact in the world and maximise your human potential that is essential in fulfilling the United Nations 17 Goals for mankind.

Learning how to use the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™ and completing the exercises within the book, you start to:

Acknowledge, own, and consciously use your energy and power to achieve perfect health, work-life balance, freedom and greater wealth.
Listen to your body’s wisdom, honour your inner truth, and experience life through the wisdom lens of an accepting and a grateful heart.
Achieve Self-Mastery by learning to accept your authentic self, removing the false “Ego-Self” facades, achieving higher vibrational states of awareness and intelligence, and becoming clear on your personal values and the role they play in creating a magnificent life.
Reconnect you to your ever-evolving purpose, gain greater levels of confidence, and move you from a place of Reasons and Resistance and into a place of Values-Driven Results, helping you create the outcomes your heart truly wants.
Master your emotions to live your dream life, become more mindful of the choices you make in every area of your life and live in harmony with your highest values. You learn to use universal laws to be in flow with life and bring about the miracles you desire in your life.

Reaching far beyond what you say with words, Tony looks through the deceptions and the false façades of “The Ego-self” created to protect itself. By observing the energy of what is being presented, he is able to invite your true authentic being to the surface safely. He invites you to truly live your life in peace—to live without apology, with total presence and with no longer needing to hide your uniqueness from the world.

After learning the method you will make better decisions, be more productive, effective, energised, grounded, positive and are able to easily free yourself from that rut you’ve been stuck in and start to live the meaningful and inspiring life you’ve always wanted.

Reading A Path to Wisdom will

put you on a self-reflective journey that teaches you how to apply the proven conscious engineering processes embedded within each pillar of the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™ to activate the Law of Attraction in your life, overcome any life adversity with eases and create infinite choices, opportunities, and ways of being that can improve your overall quality of life.

“Being in the company of this lovely, sweet, and enormously advanced gentleman – and he is a true, gentle man – is one of the highlights of my life. His wisdom is far reaching, and yet comprehensible and ‘do-able’. Whether you are in the healing and coaching field or not, we all need some sort of mentor. I doubt you will meet any who surpass this Macedonian genius, even though he has his own guides who, I suspect, also look up to him for his gifts are truly extraordinary. I feel I have to shout – and his TJS Coaching Method and Crystal Light Bed therapy is one of those hallowed, yelling occasions. I highly commend and recommend Tony, his coaching and this healing treatment.”
There are not enough words, or the quality of Language available to describe the work of Tony J Selimi- who in a matter of timeless moments again went ahead to transform the destiny of another Human Being with such delicacy, Truth, Love and focused Lazor Beam Intent.
Anthony Wade, Dr Voice.
This man can help you reshape your life. Tony has healing hands and a gift for business, a unique talent to expand your experience of life.
Sue Bannister
Tony helped me overcome a serious chronic disease and regained an exhilarating excitement about my life and my future. At the time of writing this testimonial, I am about to leave the corporate world to build a new career, something I never even dared to think about in the past – and it feels great! So my advice to any new client is to hang in there, Tony knows his stuff.
Hans Schumann, Lawyer and Transformational Coach

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