Vital Planning for Elevated Living

Your solution to Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Relationship, Social, Business and Financial Growth & Well-Being.

“Only those who have learned that the heart is the kingdom where the soul is the king experience life’s greatest gifts, deepest joy and true fulfilment. Grateful heart is the best passive income that pays off for life.”

-Tony J. Selimi

Experience ultimate personal adventure – this is your stop for a five-day business growing, life-enhancing, mind calibrating and heart opening learning and fun activities. The TJS Coherence Retreat  – Vital Planning for Elevated Living is an exclusive opportunity to have Tony J. Selimi, one of the world’s most respected teachers all for yourself to answer your questions, focus your time and mental faculties on what’s important to you.

It is an advanced learning experience designed for successful, committed and serious participants worldwide who committed to living life at a level few ever imagine.  Tony will teach you how to pause, listen, reconnect, re-think, re-assess, re-evaluate, expand and get clear of the next steps you need to take and create a plan you can follow.

Receive a level of personalized coaching and the required support that helps you upgrade your mental faculty, elevate your thinking and create ultimate breakthroughs in your chosen area of life. To get the clarity you need to live masterfully and balance all key 8 key areas of life, spiritual, emotional, financial, business, love, relationship, health, natural and balanced living in exotic locations around the world, please book your initial consultation by e-mailing

Apart from learning advanced growth -focused tools and knowledge, you also get five-days of 1:1 clarity coaching, business mentoring hours, learning different mindset, business and life-enhancing spiritual practices including meditating. You leave the five-day business building Vital Planning retreat with a master plan that will help you activate your higher mind and create your most beautiful life.

The TJS Coherence Retreat Vital Planning for Elevated Living is ideal if you are ready to live life on a completely different footing and love to be challenged, taught and mentored. It is for you if you are prepared to squeeze the years of learning in five days, one or two full intensive weeks with Tony.

TJS Coherence Breakthrough Vital Planning for Elevated Living five-day, a week or two-weeks retreat is ideal for you if you are ready to surrender to your being, see through your limitations and go beyond perceived boundaries of your current conditioning.

You will be immersed in the energy, wisdom and the clarity that Tony brings to each of his clients who have created extraordinary shifts in their lives. Throughout each encounter with Tony, you will hear a lot of useful information, practical knowledge, and priceless wisdom that you can then use to integrate into your daily life.

Get ready to be:

  • In a beautiful location where you learn how to take your personal, professional, spiritual and business life to a whole new dimension.
  • Commit your time to intensively work through Tony’s 365  days to Master Plan Your Desired Life manual that looks at getting clear and balancing all of the eight key areas of life in the splendour of some of the best European and World Wide Destinations away from your daily hassle.
  • Begin your days with centring meditation that grounds you, calms your mind and opens you to your hearts wisdom.
  • Create a program custom-tailored plan to address your precise needs and desires.
  • Learn strategies that honour your deep desire for material and spiritual expansion.
  • Receive individualized coaching & business mentoring from Tony all in a setting of profound re-creation and relation.
  • Enjoy Tony’s undivided attention for five-days and share your love for food, adventure, contribution, learning, evolving, and like daily fun activates and being pampered in ways that help you regain the childlike feelings of freedom, flexibility and vitality that you so richly deserve.

If this is for you, Tony invites you to request more information and receive a formal application by getting in touch with Tony directly or emailing his team at

Accelerate, evolve & maximize your
human potential

If you’ve found the limits of your current “game plan for living”, and have an
adventurous spirit, the TJS Coherence Retreat – Vital Planning for Elevated Living could be for you.

  • Discover a unique and transformational experience.
  • Come and join a group of inspired and authentic successful people.
  • Experience a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional transformation.
  • Discover how to release blocked and negative energy.
  • Re-connect to your true authentic self, your body intelligence and your emotions.
  • Work on your business, explore new ideas and find solutions to everyday challenges.
  • Be part of TJS Students of Wisdom and Love who share similar values, dreams and aspirations.


  • Daily Swimming
  • Yoga/Pilates Classes
  • 1:1 Tuition Throughout the Day*
  • 1:1 Dining with Tony *
  • Swimming with Dolphins (Optional)
  • Fun, Relaxation and Recreation
  • Etc


  • How to upgrade your mindset, emotional intelligence and business skills for the life you want.
  • How heart coherent alignment magnetizes more of your spirit to help accelerate physical healing and renewal.
  • To develop a direct connection with your soul’s wisdom.
  • Ways to amplify the effectiveness of your wisdom, love and outreach.
  • How to raise your vibration above the energetic turbulence that can (and is) accompanying the planetary changes humanity is experiencing.
  • How sending a coherent thought, mental message and love into the global field environment raises the personal and collective vibration of humanity.
  • How by planning in detail you can unleash the quantum power hidden in your body-mind-heart connection that replaces old habits and energy blocks with the higher potentials of your untapped abilities.

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Work with Tony 1:1 at this important time in history to learn transformational skills, tools and knowledge that you can use to co-create a new world, better navigate your own future and enable a shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and peace.

“God where do I start – I found my twin soul, my new family and confirmation of who I am. Having Tony as your see-through coach is an experience on its own and any lies you may have told yourself over the years gets illuminated by the light he shines. ”
Danielle B, Solicitor, London
“Tony is an amazing coach, mentor and healer. He is not only the most-loving human being, but also incredibly challenging, intense, sharp and to the point. You leave his coaching sessions feeling blessed, empowered, enormously motivated and blissfully happy.”
Sandra Wick, Germany

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