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“To reach unprecedented business success, it requires for companies to harness the power that gets unleashed by continuously developing the people who run it and drive it forward through value alignment, activating purpose and having a clear intent, vision, and a plan of action in every layer of the organization.”
Tony J. Selimi

This is not your Stop;

This is your Start to Building an Epic Business and a Profitable Organization by Developing People, Driving Innovation, Productivity, Performance, and Purpose by focusing on Creating Value Driven Products and Services.

The TJS Business Growth Services range from:

1. Game changing consultations with individuals, departments, teams or clients.

2. Keynote speeches for corporate events, breakfast, lunch or evening functions.

3. Custom designed workshops and seminars addressing specific corporate needs and objectives.

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For those companies that want to develop epic leaders at every layer of the organization, improve team performance, and the overall organizational well-being, Tony has developed a framework of five steps that when followed, empower people and activate purpose led transformations across the entire organization.

Tony embedded these steps and established TJS Corporate Solutions to help Senior Executives, Team Leaders, Departmental Managers and Employees address problems at the root cause and help them lead a more healthy, balanced, and meaningful life. Using the twenty-five principles of the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™, he helps companies resolve conflicts, improve processes, increase profits, align company values with every individual in the organization, develop conscious leaders and teams, re-awaken and activate a sense of purpose and drive within the corporate culture.

Tony is known as The See-Through Coach by his numerous clients, contact him now and see how he can solve your company’s problems and turn them into solutions, life lessons and fuel for long-term business success.

“Tony helped me to take my personal life and my business to a whole new level that I never imagined was possible. Through his integrated business and leadership development coaching programme he helped us resolve key business problems, clarified our values, improved processes, productivity and establish a clear vision, mission, and purpose. It is through his unique TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™ that he helped us create unprecedented success across various business functions. Hire Tony as your trusted see-through coach and take your life, people and business from ordinary to extraordinary.
Timea Rozsahegyi, Co-Founder of Vandercom

Tony J. Selimi as your See-Through Coach is able to support you to:

  • Clarify company-wide vision, mission, and purpose.
  • Address low staff morale, conflicts, and overcome anxieties and hesitancies.
  • Establish prime objectives and define short and long-term goals.
  • Understand team dynamics, improve productivity, and help you inspire your teams.
  • Maximize profitability, activate business growth mindset, and increase your performance.
  • Resolve deep-rooted problems and help companies breakthrough business plateaus.
  • Increase employee and business focus, dissolve distractions and accelerate productivity
  • Encourage innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

Tony can design tailor-make talks, workshops, programs and presentations to address your company’s unique needs and offer you specific solutions to realize your organization’s vision, mission and most important objectives.

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Joel Van der Molen
Joel Van der Molen MD and Founder of Vandercom
“Tony’s wisdom, immense clarity, and attention to detail helped me create the processes required to move away from spending a lot of time working in the business and to freeing time by working on the business. He helped us focus, plant seeds required for a long term success, and inspired us to be even more value driven. The result of working with Tony is increased performance, communication, and value driven business strategy. We increased our customer base generating more value and profits. If you are an entrepreneur, senior executive, or a business owner in need of someone who can take you and your business to a whole new level I heartedly recommend his personal and business success coaching services.”
Denis Taylor
Denis TaylorManaging Director within Financial Services
“Tony’s coaching methods, tools and style lead you quickly to fine-tuning your values, mission purpose and goals. Rather than coaching through a scripted or pre-programmed path, Tony’s wisdom directs you toward a practice of self reflection and purposeful action. A personal journey like this is no easy ride. Be prepared to be confronted and challenged, be prepared to delve deeply into how you live, how you lead others and to answer questions other people in your life may never ask. In a time where “authentic leadership” has emerged as a corporate imperative or personal mantra, the time invested in reading or experiencing Tony’s wisdom will yield significant returns personally, spiritually and professionally.”

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