“It is in respecting, manging, and using your time effectively that you stay focused, clear, sharp, present, and build an extraordinary life.” -Tony J. Selimi

Weather you acknowledge it or not time is a precious and limited commodity of which we all are given in equal measure. Everybody gets twenty four hours per day…no more, no less…

It matters not how much money you have or don’t have, how educated you are, what your social position you belong too, if you are married, single, gay or straight, white, black, Asian, or other, the fact is…

You still get only twenty four hours a day, no more and no less. You can’t buy, beg, borrow or steal another one minute.

As much as we would like to think we are in charge of these twenty four hours, the truth is what we do with those twenty four hours is not entirely up to us.

We all have obligations that must be met each day. We have jobs that provide us with necessary income, a certain amount of time is required for eating and sleeping and our relationships with our loved ones require some amount of time each day but the entire twenty four are not all spoken for.

These are the few hours each day that we can use as we want to use them. What we decide to do with them will mostly determine how successful or unsuccessful we will be in life.

If we spend all of our “unspoken for hours” on fb, playing games, or on the couch in front of the TV eating chips and drinking coke, in five years we will still be doing the same boring job. When I decided to write my book A Path to Wisdom: How to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life, I had to put in my diary minimum of 2 hours a day writting time. This helped me to remain focused, in the flow, and publish my book on time.

Some of those free hours if, used to learn new things or to try different things, could mean that in a short amount of time we would have better jobs, better relationships or even better health.

That seems like a good idea but where does one begin when clouds of confusion surround our brain?

#1: Get clear of the outcomes you wish to create. Write down in details what you want to achieve, why you want those things, and how they would make you feel once you have accomplished your goals. You can use TJS Evolutionary Method to help you in this process to help you listen from within what your being is asking you to do. Learnign how to use and apply this method will save you time and help you get step closer to your desired success.

# 2: For a plane to reach its destination safely it needs both a physical pilot and an auto pilot. Both are needed to safely reach a pre-set destination. So do you. Trying to do everything on your own will not get you the results that a good coach can help you navigate safely through the adversities that may pop out on your way to attaining your desired outcomes. Ask for help, sometimes people go for free advice, I believe if you want outstanding outcomes you might have to pay the expert that in long term saves you time, money, energy and the emotions. If you try an re-invent the wheel, you are just wasting that valuable resource that you have, time.

One thing to keep in mind when getting a good coach to help you in your journey, there’s a big difference between spending money and investing money. Any time you spend some money on learning something that will take you closer to what you want, that’s investment!

# 3: Use your time effectively by making sure you set aside a certain amount of hours each
week to work on your goal, and stick to it. Be persistent, consistent, and productive. The time that is not used effectively is the time that could be used to attain your goals.

#4: Acknowledge within you that you are part of life, part of the greater picture that knows in order to create success it must also experience the failure. Nature does the same, in order to create it must destroy life. The progress in becoming successful is messy. The very nature of any type of growth being personal, business, finance, health or spiritual means that you’ll experience distraction, disruption, confusion and what at first sight appears to be difficulty. It is in these moments you need to keep in mind that difficulties are improvement in wolf’s clothing. And that rather than falling backward, you choose to fail forward, stand up again with a knowing that your challenges are actually showing you you’re moving ahead. It’s a simple yet brilliant way to keep your perceptions balanced through your journey to attaining success.

#: Love is a powerful force that forces us to go into war with one another and equally makes us love our enemies. Align the outcomes you wish to create with your highest values, it is only then that your heart opens up and gives you the energy to create the success you desire. Success will come much faster when you don’t waste your time trying to do it all on your own.

I trust the above five steps help you bring success faster your way, get clear of what you want, and use the infinite wisdom of love as the antidote to your frustrations, fears, and stress that may come up in your pursue for success. Appreciating your time in times of crisis is what takes you from living an average life to creating an extraordinary success.

Believe in the call on your life to do amazing things by making today the day you listen to your hearts call to Success!

And, if what you have read has inspired you, please get in touch and let me help you honour your talents, be successful, unleash your leader, and make awesome things happen for you, your organization, and the clients you serve. It gives me a great pleasure through coaching, mentoring, speaking, and team work to help you and your company be successful. To get in touch please click HERE!

Be great, awesome, and healthy,

Tony J. Selimi

Coach, Human Behaviour and Cognition Specialist