The society we live in has a wide spectrum of patterns which unaware to us constantly transform our habits, behaviors and as a result the way in which we perceive our reality.

Each one of us exhibits a great quantum of psychological reactions as an automatic reflex respond directed toward the outer environmental appearances. In order to maintain an optimal social homeostasis, we constantly need to navigate our cognition in a multiple creative directions.

This is why we have the desire to feed our brain with information, learn new way of doing things, and new ways of thinking. Upgrading our cognition helps us to maintain and transform our energy into the fuel of infinite wisdom. It is our innate wisdom and the one we create through interaction with the outer world that generates the basic behavioral models in the society.

These models of our external reactions have to be decorated with the basic principles of a human morality and constructible ethic norms that compose healthy living environment where people can grow and progress. The hypothesis of the perfect chaos – resides exactly in the equation between our cognitive capacities versus social diffusion.

If we truly like to solve the chaos we observe in the world, the one which the way we are being we continue to create daily, we have to go back to the essence of our self-introspection. This essence is our primer mental layer, the one that is the stream of love, wisdom, and the one that knows how to produce infinite source of energy.

When our golden treasure that is buried deep within our mind and hearts is light with love, we have a flashlight that shines our path toward life of prosperity.

When the mental façades we have created since birth are removed, our super conscious brain comes alive. It is this process of inner awakening, balancing perceptions, and calming the emotions that keeps our cognition intact. It is this inner feeling of peace that helps us listen to our soul’s voice, and paint our heart with the strong paint of gratitude.

In my newly released book #Loneliness –The Virus of the Modern Age I talk about the impact that loneliness has on our cognitive abilities, on our mental health, and on our genes. Loneliness is a bigger problem than simply cognition and an emotional experience. Research shows that loneliness and social isolation are harmful to our mental, emotional, physical health.

Lacking social connections is a comparable risk factor for early death as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and is worse for us than well-known risk factors such as obesity and physical inactivity.

We live in a connected world, yet we are desperately alone. We are alone in our thoughts, emotions, relationships, at work, with family, society, and in the world we all share. It has become the norm to look down at our phones, drink coffee with our phones and laptops, and commute with looking at phones never noticing anyone who may be near us.

Whilst on one hand the rise in technology has brought us so many wonderful new ways in connecting and doing business, on the other hand we must not under estimate the negative effect this have on human touch, connection, love.

One hand our cognitive abilities are increasing at phenomenal rates, on the other hand we experience more suicide, social isolation, and loneliness. Last twenty five years I adopted an elderly lady from Persia, who never got married, had estranged brother who never visited her, and had arthritis.

I was heartbroken to learn of her struggles, her story of her lifelong loneliness was the same as the one I talk about in my book, the same story that I observe in the clients I consult. It is the same story that you, your parents, children, colleagues, friends, and partners have. Loneliness is common to us all, it is my mother’s story who brought up six of us, yet she is alone, as life has taken us all to live and work in the six corners of the world.

Many elderly and parents globally experience the same loneliness, so do the children of these parents, so do you and I. I wrote this book as a global call for humanity to come together in heart cohesion and tackle the global problems from a new awareness. It is only when we connect in our hearts that we will experience the real cohesion between us and the environment we cohabit and immerse in the state of race, love and perfection.

Whether you know it or not, in the moment of your greatest inspiration you are in sync with all that is. Developing your cognition is what contributes to create a collective social cognition that is capable of resolving any problem that we create in the first instance.

Thank you for your time and reading this article, I trust it inspired you to think deeper, and observe the world with a new pair of glasses that help you in your personal, professional, financial, business, or relationship growth. Please get in touch if I can be of service to help you or your company in creating the outcomes, the clarity, and the inspired mission you desire.

Be authentic, wealthy, and healthy,
Tony J. Selimi
Coach, Human Behavior and Cognition Expert
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