Since a very young age I was extremely curious to know more about what makes some people extremely successful, legendary and iconic. Why is it that the majority of people in the world, the 99% per-centers cannot have what the so called 1% per-centers already had and continue to have?

Back then little I knew that one day I will have the opportunity to meet someone who is a Billionaire and find out from them what is it they think, belief and do to create an unprecedented success.

If like me, you were born to a middle class working family, you may have heard so many different beliefs about money and wealthy people. The ones that stayed with me for very long times were “money is root cause of all evil, no matter what you do, you will never be rich, money does not grow in trees, and you have to work very hard to make money.” These are only just few that I listed, in the actual fact, I could write an entire book about the many beliefs I was taught from a very young age by family members, at school, friends, religious scholars and in the environment I grew up in.

When we were growing up, many of us knew very little about the power our beliefs have in creating the reality in which we live in. By the time we start to work and earn our living we have already created many powerful beliefs about what money is or is not.

I remember back in 2009 when I was made redundant my capacity to earn money was limited by my own beliefs about how much I could earn and the injected values of others. Back then this limit was set to a maximum of £120 k for someone like me who had graduated from UCL, one of the top four universities in UK, had twelve years of experience, and was capable of running and managing multi-million-billion pounds of IT budgets and programs.

It is during this time that I experienced an epiphany that made me write down two hundred beliefs I had about money. What came out was shocking, when I questioned the validity of each of the beliefs I so strongly held dear to my heart, I realized none of them had any truth behind.

A weight was lifted off, now I was free to think bigger and truly pursue my hearts calling to help people globally heal, accelerate their human potential, and give them tool to help them become leaders of their lives. What I noticed was that the more people I started to serve, the more money I was attracting and all I had to do is find ways to reach out to more people.

This lead me to writing two books A Path to Wisdom and newly published book #Loneliness, which within months became number one best-selling and award-winning books. I started to receive e-mails and client requests from people from all around the world. Suddenly, my capacity to earn doubled and with time it tripled and quadrupled.

Somehow everything I did up to now put me on a path to meet few Billionaires that became personal friends, teachers and later on my clients. It was my dream since a very young child to unravel the secrets that the 1% have and share them with a wider audience so that I can help more people be more successful and lead prosperous lives.

I replaced my old beliefs with new ones and in the process I started to attract people and opportunities never thought possible before. I realized that to live eternally in people’s hearts, minds and thoughts is to illuminate my being so that where ever I go I leave behind a fragrance of love that people can breathe into their hearts.

The boundaries we are taught to put with the outer world are our Ego’s attempt to dim the infinite light radiating from our grateful heart. The light required to put the key on a lock that opens up the safety box of a universal bank account that enables you to create and withdraw infinite amount of wealth.

This is the moment I realized the power that Gratitude, Love and serving more people authentically are the key factors in attaining perfect health, wealth and happiness into our life. When we come from a place of sincere gratitude our energy is one of acceptance, empathy and harmony that brings about the greatest miracles and the right people that we can be of service.

We are a product of an intelligent design, yet we are constantly reminded that we are not. Purifying our inner world from the lifelong conditioning, one-sided perceptions, and limiting beliefs that pollute our true essence is what can help us move towards crowd nurtured world peace and the next stages in our evolution

In my latest award-winning book #Loneliness-The Virus of The Modern Age, I talk about why polarized way of thinking, feeling and being is the reason which prevents you from turning thoughts into matter, ideas into things, and emotions into relationships.

When we come from a place of emotional unbalance we destroy our self-worth therefore we attract less opportunities, money and people in our lives that can help us accelerate our growth. Balanced mind together with clear strategy is what attracts and creates wealth, health, and all that our heart desires.

The truth is, It is only when we are in our hearts that we can connect to the flow of this universal energy we call love, the energy that is the cure to illness and the driving force for the survival of our bio diversity.

Whether you know it or not, in the moment of your greatest inspiration you are in sync with all that is and it is in moments like this you become extremely clear on how to resolve more problems for more people.

Thank you for your time and reading this article, if you liked it, please share it and help others learn, grow, and attract more wealth and opportunities.

I trust it inspired you to think deeper, and observe the world with a new pair of glasses that help you in your personal, professional, financial, business, or relationship growth.

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Be authentic, wealthy, and healthy,

Tony J. Selimi

The See-Through Coach