“TV, Radio, Podcasting, YouTube and other media channels are a powerful medium that educates, inspires and elevates humanity as it can span great distances & reach a large no. of listeners, viewers and readers. As an award-winning author, international speaker, filmmaker, educator and spiritual teacher with a mission to inspire positive action in the lives of one billion people, I am thankful and grateful to have been interviewed in over 200 TV/Radio stations across the world as they have helped me share my message and teachings in all areas, especially where there are no other media available. I love giving valuable expert advice on how your viewers, readers and listeners can turn life adversity into priceless lessons, dissolve emotional charges, resolve relationship conflicts, improve overall business performance and productivity, build wealth and drive positive global transformations. Thank you for the work you do.”
-Tony J. Selimi

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In partnership with various media channels, journalists, event promoters, filmmakers, global thought leaders, change makers, philanthropists, angel investors, visionaries and organizations, Dr Emanuele Garbelli, Paul McMonagle, Tammy De Mirza as well as many of his inspired private clients and students of wisdom, our aim is to share Tony’s heart-driven mission to teach his transformative method to elevate the lives of one billion people of all nationalities, creeds and colours, so they become purposeful and disciplined masters of themselves and dedicated leaders who support the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and collaborate in creating the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. He is known for leaving audiences feeling elevated, fulfilled, inspired and with a sense of inner peace.

Your audiences, listeners and viewers would love Tony’s incredible life story through facing, overcoming and transforming life’s greatest adversity into valuable life lessons anyone can use and extraordinary values based successful business. He loves reaching out to a wider and newer audience who are seeking personal transformation like no other. Tony is grateful to the role media and journalists play in sharing the transformational teachings and principles written in more details in his award-winning books, speaking engagements, seminars, masterminds and Vital Planning for Elevated Living business and life optimising intensive five-day retreat.

Joel and Timea Van der Molen, the founders of Vandercom, little they knew what would happen to them when they hired Tony as their life coach, business mentor and educator to help them address some personal and business challenges. They felt so inspired that they wanted to share with the world their breakthroughs and success stories with a mission to support Tony’s vision to reach educate and elevate the lives of one billion people. It is what inspired all three of them to co-create “Living My Illusion” real life coaching documentary series, that so far has won more than ten global awards and has become a must-see documentary global phenomenon.

To address social isolation and the toxic effect of the loneliness epidemic, Tony is in the process of writing a theatre production and a script for a documentary based on his multi-award winning book #Loneliness. He is also creating more UDEMY online courses, filming further episodes for LMI, co-writing books with his clients to influence so needed changes in global healthcare, in politics and government, in education, in business and in leadership. His upcoming book A Path to Excellence is due to be published in 2019.

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