Looking for a way out of your perceived loneliness, social isolation, and life’s greatest adversity?

Every chapter of the#Loneliness, the USA, reader’s favourite, and Book Excellence Award-Winning book, is a place where you can learn the things in life that really matter, such as how to overcome loneliness, life greatest challenges, and listen to your ALARM so that you become an epic leader, change maker, conscious friend, partner or parent.

It shows you how to speak your truth, equilibrate your perceptions, and breakthrough limiting beliefs so that you can satisfy your desire for spiritual, mental, emotional, financial freedom. Learn healthy habits and ways of being that are needed to be of service to you, your family, community, society, and humanity.

The lessons and practical exercises in this book prove how anyone is capable of transmuting loneliness in ocean of oneness and achieving greatness. Do all of the exercises and see how you too can be the luminary that makes a greater impact in the world. Embody the wisdom in each paragraph and turn it into a rocket fuel that propels you to the heights where you can shine like an eternal star.

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So connected, yet desperately alone in our hearts and in our minds.

The pain of being rejected or separated and feeling different from what the perceived norm might be creates inner discord that leads to illness, feeling lonely, unwanted, unloved, and uncared for. It is what disconnects us from our true essence, from being present, and from being in our hearts.

In this Award-Winning Book You Will Discover…

  • Why Loneliness leads to multiple changes in your genome and disintegrates your mental, physical and emotional foundation
  • Learn why loneliness gives rise to your pragmatic inhibitions and paints your world in the spectrum of darker shades of life.
  • How the advanced way of socialization in the digital era simply mimics the loneliness that resides within us.
  • New ways to listen to your hearts voice, amplify your awareness, and activate your inner light required to help you live life in joy, gratitude and with purpose.
  • A way out of the cocooned world that blocks the truth of who you truly are.
  • Know the questions that bring answers to life’s greatest challenges.
  • Why it is important for us all to unite in one voice, in our hearts, and in our actions in order for us to progress into the next stages of our evolution.

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A personal note from Tony

“I believe every human being is worthy of love. Love is energy; it is equally a force for evil and immense destruction, as well as the seed that brings to fruition the greatest creations of life.  We are product of this powerful force and children of an intelligent design, therefore we have innate wisdom on how to harness this immense power in ways that keeps universal equilibrium. The many life adversities that I share throughout #Loneliness came through not knowing how to access and harness love within me, the life force that helped me heal my deepest wounds and put me on a path to serve ever greater number of people.

I wrote this Award-Winning book as a wakeup call for people to redefine themselves in the midst of adversity and chose to move forward in life with a grateful heart. As a guide, light bulb, and a personal teacher for people who are willing to awaken to the interconnectivity of all life and are ready to recover pathways to deep love, empathy, universal truth, and wholeness. This is my hearts gift to you to help you breakthrough your fears, shame, guilt, and apparent loneliness, the medium in which the poverty in your inner existence is cultivated and feeds your self-destructive nature. “ –Tony J. Selimi

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