”In a connected and networked world, trust, gratitude, and love are  the most important keys that open the doorways to infinite possibilities residing in the supreme collective consciousness, Tony teaches you how to obtain, use and safeguard these three essential keys of living a fulfilled life.” -Timea Rozsahegyi, FD and Co-Founder of Vandercom

Words of Wisdom

I am so glad my angels led me to you. As always, you are a complete joy. Your energy is healing and as a result I now have perfect health, sleep well, and in a great co-loving relationship with my new partner. I cannot thank you enough for your help and the light you send my way.

Thanks for helping me have the courage to leave behind a toxic relationship and part with love. It was important to him and important for me to move forward with love leading our way. May you always shine your brilliant light.

-Angela B. Angel Investor and Entrepreneur

What People say’s about Tony J. Selimi

Michael Bell
Michael BellGlobal Alliance Manager, SAP
“Tony has been a very positive supportive and incredibly focused coach and mentor to me. He always helps me find the clarity and the most effective ways to help me accelerate my personal and professional growth. Tony engages with you on many levels to help you create long lasting results that your future self will thank you for.Working with Tony is a journey that will impact your life and who you are.
Joel Alexander Van der Molen
Joel Alexander Van der MolenManaging Director, Vandercom
“Thank you, Tony, for being the light that others can walk toward, for being the bridge for me to walk the path from the shadows to the sunlight, from not knowing to knowing, and thank you for your commitment to the most important contribution to the progression of humanity and the planet.If you want a coach that can expand your being, accelerate your personal, professional and spiritual growth, I wholeheartedly commend and recommend Tony’s coaching and healing services.”
Dr. Kim A. Jobst
Dr. Kim A. JobstMA, DM, MRCP, MFHom
“It is a privilege to work with Tony. If you are serious about transformation and change, the TJS Method he uses is tested and will serve you for a lifetime. Do yourself a favor and start your journey with someone you can trust; this man’s life, methods, and journey are awe-inspiring. His latest book #Loneliness will take you on an luminous journey that will open your heart and touch your soul.“
Michele Scataglini
Michele ScatagliniSenior Manager EMEIA, EY
“I have approached Tony J. Selimi to seek support to address the unbalances that I had created in different areas of my life, including health, personal relations and career. One year down the line, by applying the TJS Evolutionary method I am creating the dream elite life I want, feel empowered, healthy and on the trajectory for becoming a global purpose-driven leader. Tony’s unique background, combining human cognition and executive experience, is engineered into this powerful methodology that allows to gain full clarity in where we stand in our lives, define the outcomes we want to achieve and design the necessary strategies. Tony as my trusted See-Through coach helps me carpet over the cracks of my life with a beautiful canvas of love and wisdom. “
Shelley J Whitehead
Shelley J WhiteheadRelationship, Dating and Bereavement Expert
“Tony takes time and puts all he has into his work with clients he engages on many levels with you. Thank you for being extremely patient with me, for being my spiritual teacher, life and business success coach, healer, mentor and personal friend. You are a shining star who’s light has the ability to reach the darkest parts of everyone you touch and work with.”
Stephen Morallee
Stephen MoralleeArtist and Creator of Deetell
“Tony’s coaching work has helped me to ground deeper and fly higher. His integration of love, craft, sensitivity and clarity is incredible. His healing work is deeply enlivening and laser like in its focus and impact.”