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Four Steps to being Invictus Entrepreneur

This past week I have been following Invictus Games the new international sporting event for wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women. It may not have quite caught the imagination of the nation the way the Paralympics did but it has been the scene of some heroic endeavour and brought out heavyweight pop and rock [...]

It’s time to invest in You

Last week two of my personal heroes and people who have had a profound influence on my personal development and healing journey were the great actor Robin Williams and the world’s greatest healer Martin Brofman crossed over into the spirit world. All of you may know Robin, though few of you may know Martin Brofman despite touching [...]

Finding your Path

I just got back from Israel where i was visiting and coaching a very close friend of mine Amir who i met in London 15 years ago. Since then, so much has happened, changed and we have both evolved as spiritual beings. Back then we were both in our early 30's, full of life and [...]

Wanna operate at maximum Capacity?

Just like cars, your body too if maintained, regularly checked, and is finely tuned can operate at its maximum capacity. The problem is, most of us have never been taught to look after our bodies and often we ignore our body's until it is too late to do something about it. One of the reasons [...]

Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is a global problem. It is toxic to your body, it keeps you stuck in procrastination loop and stops you achieving what you truly want and desire for yourself.This type of fear is not in our conscious awareness but deeply embedded within our subconscious parts of ourselves. It commands how we [...]

Fear of Success

I decided to write this blog in the early hours of Monday morning after having a conversation with an old friend of mine whom I was meant to meet today but we did not as he felt ashamed to meet due to being broke and feeling uncomforteable to speak his truth. Before I go into [...]

Fear of Change

No matter what subconscious fear you’re experiencing, it almost always falls into one of 7 categories that you are soon going to discover. So far, in my previous blogs I spoke about the ‘Fear of Unworthiness’, and the ‘Fear of Identity’. Before reading about the next one the ‘Fear of Change’, take a few moments [...]

Fear of Losing Identity

This is one of the most common fears faced by millions around the world. The way you can notice its presence in your life is by becoming aware if you’re able to accept yourself for who you are today, but deep down you’re worried about changing and losing yourself along the way. You’re reluctant to [...]

Fear of Unworthiness

This fear doesn't affect you all the time, but it can still do some damage when you least expect it. The problem is the seeds of this fear are in your subconcious mind and most likely have been planted in your early childhood. The best you can do is to be conscious about it and [...]

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Creating Success for 2014

What’s in store for you in 2014? It is perfect time to revaluate your life and start your journey to creating the success you always wanted. No need to wonder about those people you read about who became millionaires overnight, what you need to focus and wander about is the steps you too can take [...]

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