What thoughts go through your mind when you hear the word “coma”? Do you joke about it, or do you take it seriously? At difficult times in your life, do you find yourself asking the question why am I in this situation?

If the answer is YES, then you are ready to wake-up your truth, from living an illusion and being in a “technological coma” that is stripping you off your true identity, your freedom, happiness, and most importantly the time you have left in this world.

Truth is, for many of you, the word “coma” is associated with someone who has had some kind of accident or life-threatening illness that stops them from responding to any outside stimulus such as touch, voices, other sounds, or any sort of activity going on nearby. Some of you may even jokingly use the word “coma” to describe people who don’t pay attention, are sleeping deeply, or not fulfilling their true potential.

But the kind of “coma2 I am talking about has nothing to do with effects of a physical injury. It has to do with:

The psychological, behavioural, and habitual changes that are happening at a speed of light due to rapid social, technological, and economic advancements are forcing many of us to be glued and married to our phones, ipads, and countless applications designed to rob us off or priceless time and give us an instant dopamine fix.

Recall the last situation that you were in. Where you on a date, with a friend having dinner, in a social gathering, family event, or at an important meeting at work? Now, see if you can recall how many times did you or the people you were with checked and did some kind of activity on their phones?

Do you or did anyone you were with took the time to switch-off from technology and the associated applications that increase your cortisol levels thus inducing more stress and anxiety in your life?

Did you know that by not doing so, the message you are subconsciously sending to the other person when you constantly check your phone for facebook updates, what’s up messages and Instagram likes is that of “ I have something more important to do, I value something else, I don’t value your time, etc.” The bottom line is, the other person may come to their own conclusion that being with you is a total waste of time and you don’t truly value their time and them.

Perhaps you have a friend who on moments notice cancels that movie-date, exhibition you were looking forward to seeing, or simply catching with them over a coffee and decides to honour another engagement. If you do, then you may want to look deeper within you the reasons this person is still in your life.

Over time I have let go many people whose behaviours and values were different to mines and the kind of meaningful, trustworthy and loving relationship I love enjoying in my daily life.

The countless dopamine fix behaviours we have developed are not only destroying the social fabric of a healthy society, business success and the relationships we have built over a lifetime, but they are also fuelling the global problems that mankind is facing and is looking to solve.

Some to mention are the threat of terrorist attacks, extremism, extreme levels of poverty, unfair wealth distribution, the spread of HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, supply of clean water, providing universal primary, secondary, and university education, managing cultural, generational and gender differences, dealing with high divorce rates and instilling the morals and ethics in the “millennials” that may save humanity from destroying itself.

In my multi-award winning book # Loneliness, I call this new phenomenon, the virus of the modern age. If not caught, stopped, and cleaned in the now, it will continue to spread globally at uncontrollable rates infecting everyone with behaviours, beliefs, and actions that may take mankind into an irreversible trajectory of self-destruction.

This new gold rush for dopamine fix is also affecting every family, every relationship, and every business across the world. Many business leaders and CEO’s that seek my help to address various personal, leadership and people problems felt that many of their workers are asleep.

Some event felt that the “millennials” are to blame because they are a generation of entitlement, narcissist, self-focused, and lazy people. Unless this problem is addressed and alleviated in the now, many people will lose their jobs, some businesses will stop to exist, and those who survive will deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Perhaps now is the time to wake-up humanity from this coma that pushes us to seek friendship in social networks with people we never met, create and buy AI pets, sex, sales, police and soldier robots to satisfy our endless needs.

Recently I gave a TEDx talk titled “Technological Armageddon: A Wake-Up Call” based from a chapter in my book #Loneliness that so far hundred thousands of people have watched and shared it across various social media channels. In a nutshell, this talk is a global call for us to remember what makes us human being and not human doings that we are more and more forced to become.