Many of you reading this article may know my story…

In 27 years I went from living homeless on the streets of London feeling depressed, anxious, lost, lonely, and rejected to climbing the corporate ladder, running multimillion/billion IT programs, being made redundant, and becoming successful entrepreneur, coach, author, and speaker who grew his business so dramatically it’s still hard to believe sometimes.

I went from serving a small number of private clients to serving a network of change makers, writing two books that became No:1 Amazon best sellers, and recently featuring in a ground breaking real life coaching documentary titled Living My Illusion. With my books, speaking, TV and Radio interviews as well as through this documentary I am now reaching out to people from almost every country on earth. Isn’t that incredible?

Three things that made the biggest difference…

Becoming a Key Person of Influence, creating Joint Ventures (JV), and consistently create products and services that resolve meaningful problems for people and business owners.

That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about recommending this strategy and spiritual intelligence path for you.

And it’s why I’m so enthusiastic about encouraging you to invest in you, as it is this investment in me that led to creating and attracting opportunities the results that I now enjoy having in my life.

As far as I know, TJS Evolutionary Method® is the most highly effective and comprehensive method that you can use to maximise your human potential, become a magnet for opportunites, and create JV that bring into existence your unique product and service.

No matter what niche you serve, you’ll find that building spiritual intelligence not only will help you remain balanced in all of the key areas of life, but also it will draw to you your ideal partners you wish to connect, collaborate, and co-create.

It is my twenty-seven years of overcoming life’s greatest adversity, learning from some of the best spiritual teachers, and consistently thrive to learn more that brought to fruition the two books that opened up the doors to many JV’s. The one I love most is with the founders of Vandercom, a telecommunication and IT service provider company, who invested in co-creating Living My Illusion Documentary Series.

The kind of spiritual intelligence that my clients gain through reading my books, working with me privately on one to one and one to many basis is not the one where you escape to silent retreats, take ayahuasca, or other drugs that make you hallucinate, it is one that helps you activate your most precious asset-YOU.

Here are three things you can do to help you attract what you want in your life by investing in you spiritual intelligence journey:

  1. Stay away from any form of drugs. You have all the faculties required for you to create spiritual experiences naturally with no side effects. Whilst shortcuts may be very tempting, it also can create ireversible brain damage that I have seen in many people who use drugs as ways to grow spiritually.
  2. Daily adopt one action that activates your ability to love. Gratitude is one of the many keys that opens your heart’s wisdom. Use it daily to be grateful for the things you have and don’t have in your life. Most people use gratitude for the things they have, in my experience to embrace the wholeness of life and be in sync with the laws of nature, it is essential to say thank you and I love you to both, the things we have and the things we don’t.
  3. Create win-win joint ventures with people who believe in you, in your work, vision, and prefereably are already your clients who are doing your work. It is this that helped me create trustworthy joint ventures and partnerships with many of my clients from various sectors, markets, and industries.

To accelerate your results and successfully use these three points shared, hire a coach or a mentor who can help you get to where you want to be and with whom you wish to do JV’s.

As my vision expanded to reach one billion people, I hired a mentor who already is doing that and I partnered up with many people who love what I do. In doing so you not only going to open the doors to new opportunities and partnerships, but also meet amazing people through their network of clients.

I introduce all of my elite coaching clients to one another, because they are all growing inside out, they tend to get along extremly well as they share common values and end up forging great JV’s with one another. I also love to take them with me to amazing places to expose them to various learning environments where they can practice the effectiveness of the twenty-five conscious engineering steps of the TJS Evolutionary Method®, meet new people, and use spiritual intelligence to grow their business and enrich their lives.

If you want to be part of something bigger, then reach out to people, connect with them, and keep learning and investing in you. To get the same transformation my clients have when they started their journey with me, create joint ventures with inspired thought leaders, and evolve your soul, I invite you to book a private consultation with me and see what I can do to help you grow every area of your life and create JV that bring mutual growth, success, and connection.

My yearly coaching programms are customised to help you gain spiritual intelligence, life and business skills, and the wisdom required to build a gobal business and JV’s that help you reach as many people as possible with your important work.

To start your journey, please do get in touch with Alma by e-mailing to learn how to activate your human potential, attract the perfect clients for you, and create the dream life that I now live and you deep down you know you deserve.