What’s in store for you in 2014?

It is perfect time to revaluate your life and start your journey to creating the success you always wanted. No need to wonder about those people you read about who became millionaires overnight, what you need to focus and wander about is the steps you too can take to create a successful and abundant life.

We hear it all the time, been told by our parents, society, friends, etc that succeeding at anything you need to work hard and it takes a lot of time to achieve that.

Old beliefs like that remain in your subconscious mind and easily can sabotage your success. You fall in the same trap that your parents, friends, and other people might be caught.

Knowing your beliefs about the thing you wish to create, in this instance success, is the first step you need to do. For sure it will help you in your journey to manifesting the success you want.

I used to work very long hours and very hard to help me in my journey to be successful, not any more. Instead of working hard, I now live my life working smarter and I have helped hundreds of clients do the same.

Knowing and changing my beliefs helped me shift things around, one of the main processes that i take my clients during a Life Coaching sessions is identifying their core beliefs and establish what they value most.

This process helps them get clear and create supporting beliefs so that they can spend their time on goals that are aligned to their highest values and the success they want to have.

Here are 5 simple steps i teach my clients that you too can adopt to help you create the success you wish to have in your life. :

1. Make a plan

A plan is like a road map that shows you where you are now and the best route to use to get to where you want to be. Those who “fail to plan, plan to fail” as the wise old saying tells us. Don’t just think a plan in your head…you won’t remember all the little twists and turns along the road…write it down in black and white and in as much detail as you can. Each and every day, do at least one thing that will advance your progress toward your goal.

2. Learn

Learn everything you can about your chosen subject. Knowledge is power. Surround yourself with information and organize it so that you can easily access the particulars in any area. There is no detail so small that it doesn’t merit your searching out every scrap of information about it.

3. Roll Model, Coach or Mentor

If you can find someone who has succeeded in the field you are pursuing, associate yourself as closely as you can with that person. First-hand knowledge is more valuable than any other kind. Successful people have already made mistakes and they can help you avoid some pitfalls. They can open doors for you that would remain firmly closed without their help to open them.

4. Apply What You Learn

Use the knowledge that you gain from your own research and from your Life Coach, roll model or mentor. Put it into action as soon as you can…and the sooner the better.

5. Tell Yourself: Failure is not an Option

Overnight success happens because you won’t take “no” for an answer. When you get knocked down…you get up. When a door closes…you crawl through a window. You work harder than anybody else and you, too, can become an overnight success.

It is only the first step that most people find it hard to make, once you make the first step it starts to get easier. Even though you are an adult, you learn through repetition just like that little baby you were once upon a time.

Make a list of the things you wish to be successful and why are they so important to you. Imagine and act as if you already have them, it will help you remain on track and motivated.

What does the coming year hold in store for you? If you find yourself stuck in situations that stress you out or make you frustrated, why not make 2014 the year you change that for good? If you have procrastinated about stuff for months or even years – perhaps getting fit, starting your own business or finding a loving partner – why not make 2014 the year you really go for it!

If your life has been a bit flat for a while, make 2014 the year you embrace something amazing! Experience the world in a different way, step out of your comfort zone, be daring.

I have a selection of Coaching Programs as well as Energy Clearing Programs that can help you get your life back on track, do what you love and be handsomely rewarded, so what are you waiting for?

Schedule a consultation in 2014 and start taking back control of your life. On that note, I wish you a fabulous start of the New Year and if you feel that things aren’t right for you I urge you to take action and encourage you to believe in your ability to change things in 2014!

Go for it! Make 2014 special and create the success you want. Make it the year you say, “Wow! That’s when it all changed, it’s the year i became successful!”

Helping you become healthy, wealthy and wise. To your joy, success and happiness,