It’s that time of the year to wish you a stress free December, in preparation for the festive season and the New Year ahead.

For many as Christmas is approaching, it’s a wonderful time to celebrate love, but it’s also time when we can also look back and reflect on the year passed by.

To learn, grow and evolve from the mistakes made and the lessons gained. Most of all our beliefs, emotions and values get triggered more than any other time of the year. More often than before we don’t follow what we truly love, but instead we resolve the tension of our beliefs, emotions and values that have been with us since early childhood. We continue to do what we think we should do and then get trapped on the Christmas treadmill.

I think it should be called the ‘pressure season’ instead of the festive season. We end up feeling our space with things driven by needs and the desires that come from fulfilling other people’s needs. It is no wonder that success is out of reach when we fill our space and lives with things that take us so far away from the road to success.

So, how do we then create zero room for failure? How do we juggle the demands of our daily lives with the various things, people and situations that fill the space in our life that prevent us from focusing and creating the success we are seeking?

I know that you know, each present moment is a monumental moment that decides the direction that our life is going. The problem is that as we fill our personal space with so much noise we have become so desensitised, distracted and controlled that most people feel disempowered, out of control, and lose their ability to make the choices that are required to take their life in their chosen direction.

Often, the common theme whilst coaching my clients is around the good and the bad things my clients experience as Christmas and New Year are approaching. Some of them start to connect and feel with the spirit of joy, peace and union with the loved ones and others become stressed, pressured, and feel extremely lonely.

We all know that the way we are now living our lives differs from the way our ancestors lived their lives.

With so much technology and information being thrown at us daily, we seem to be losing our ability to listen to our true wants and needs. We create so much room for failure, room where distraction, noise, and pressure are the things that fill up the entire space living little room for success to enter our lives.

As we continue to fill this room with unwanted behaviours, thoughts, believes, we create the conditions for the failure to thrive. It’s understandable that we no longer are able to listen to the authentic voice that knows how to fill the room with beliefs, thoughts, and habits that help us manifest the abundance, the success, the happiness we require.

For these and the many other reasons most people feel it has become impossible to avoid failure, fear and worry. As the time passes by, we also start to lose trust in our innate abilities to positively move forward towards the direction we may want our lives to go towards.

Creating the outcomes, achieving the goals and do the things we thought we could do a year ago when we made our New Year’s Resolution becomes harder and harder to achieve. We consciously start to procrastination our own success without even know it how we do it.

A year passes by, and we go back into the cycle again, hoping the New Year will fix the old issues, create the success we wished we could have created this year.

What if there was another way? What if Creating abundance, success and live like the people you may admire do is truly not that complicated?

Actually it’s pretty easy once…you click on this link and watch how other people learned the TJS Evolutionary Method, read the Amazon UK Number 1 book A Path to Wisdom and invested in the integrated coaching yearly program “The Art of Intrusion Free Living and The Power of Being Coaching Program” that helped them go from distraction, fear, and confusion to zero room for failure and plenty room for creating success, abundance and inner peace.

I know that you do know that the simple shift you must make to take back control of your life and have complete success reaching all of your goals in 2015…and beyond are a must.

But even more important… Today I am going to share with you a way that guarantees you can start applying this simple formula for success immediately and integrate it fully into your body and mind.

And that is the key to my new program “The Intrusion Free Living and the Power Of Being”?

You see…

This proven formula for success is not a new concept. Some people (including me) have been talking about this subtle shift for years. The concept has been part of my Millionaire Mind Strategies program for over a decade. And when people use it… …tremendous results follow.

But, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I had an insight finally giving me the clarity to start breaking it down into a step-by-step system for integrating this formula into peoples life….

…which is where this is revolutionary.

As I discuss in more detail in my book, for this Evolution to happen, we must go through a revolution cycle. This cycle is what makes everything happen. Once you learn and understand this You have zero room for failure anymore!

When you have a system working with you can easily achieve success. Learning, doing, acting and being all of the things that TJS Evolutionary Method talks about guarantees your success…

Most of My private clients know that this process is life-changing experience for them, they start to shift, attract new opportunities, people and situations to support them through their path to wisdom journey. They start to vibrate at higher frequencies and listen in that frequency. All of that plust more is what my new coaching program: “The Intrusion Free Living and The Power of Being” can do for you in 2015 and beyond.

After years of wrestling with this principal I finally have a paint-by-numbers system for applying it for maximum benefits and rewards.

Just exercising my logical brain and helping others do the same, making each year new goals and taking small actions wasn’t enough. This way of being was not producing the outcomes nor the results we all wanted.

This forced me to do explore more, continue with my soul searching journey, go deeper within, and continued to work with my coach and healer to help me create the abundance i was seeking. Calming my mind helped me see with clarity, i started to generate the feeling I needed for the success I was seeking for myself and my clients.

Some of my answers came from this state of being. Working with so many healers i learned to meditate, in the process I also helped thousands of my clients do the same.

Helping my clients adopt daily meditation whilst I was taking them on a deeper journey into the self-using TJS Evolutionary Coaching Method started to generate exponential growth, shifts and success.

And it’s for this reason, I also decided to also create TJS Evolutionary Meditation Solutions meditation to aid many of you who choose to go through the process to Awaken Your Inner Doctor that help you in your journey to de-stress, let go of the fears, the anxiety, and the distraction that may be preventing you from being the abundant version of yourself.

This Meditation and Open and Awaken Your Heart Centre are part of TJS Evolutionary Meditations solutions designed specifically to activate the body’s natural healing powers and support you in your journey to open and awaken your heart so that the energy that Love releases can support you in achieving the success and the outcomes you may be planning for 2015.

Every word and sound is designed to deepen you. To position you and to allow you to relax, trust and surrender to the healing process and access the dormant part of yourself that you can use to create the success, the abundance and the life you may be wishing.

With such inner focus towards yourself, you will open up to allow your imagination to see, experience and feel the true healer, the success, and the power that is within you. Through the power of your mind you are able to directly influence every cell in your body, and these meditations guide you to tap into your own inner potential.

This is an excellent guided meditations for:

1. Achieving total body mind relaxation.

2. Connecting to the healing power within you.

3. Aid you to overcome emotional challenges such as: stress, depression, anxiety, overwhelm

4. Helping you overcome addictions, physical health challenges, and restore balance to your body

5. Guiding you to experience the true power of Love.

6. Help you with creative visualisation, sleep better, and start to invoke the feeling of the success you may be wanting but never succeeded to have.

As you awaken from the experience each meditation is designed for, you will feel peaceful, loved, healed, and with a sense of clarity and wellbeing.

To learn more about TJS Evolutionary Method, buy a copy of A Path to Wisdom and study the five pillars to help you live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life.

As you embody the wisdom from TJS Evolutionary Method you start to feel yourself returning to a healthier state of being. This meditations will help you access your mental healing faculties, connect and acknowledge you as the source of your healing potential, and reconnect your being to the infinite wisdom of love.

This meditations will help you awaken you to your own energy so you are able to connect to the masterful physician that resides in you.

Truthfully, once you adopt a daily routine and do these meditations for at least six weeks…it will make all sorts of sense.

You will understand why this simple shift in your consciousness through learning TJS Evolutionary Method, adopting mindfulness, and doing these meditations daily is so damn powerful.

As the time passes by, when you look back on your past, you will see how your outcomes would have been different if you knew what you NOW will know once you download and read A Path to Wisdom, do the two meditations daily to Awaken Your Heart Centre and Your Inner Doctor and for some of you who may choose start the new year with my latest “Intrusion Free Living and The Power of Being Coaching Program.”

Then you will be able to start applying it to everything you do.

Click here to take you to booking my initial two hour Question to Clarity Consultation so that you can have the clarity that is need to make the decisions that are required to be successful, abundant, and cope better with the daily challenges that may be presented on the way.

Be Light, Radiate Love

Tony J Selimi


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