Drinking good fresh made green juice that my very dear friend Farhan kindly brought over for me last night and listening to my heart’s calling as I write this message to you.

The first hints of Spring fill the air. The sun is shining, the trees are smiling, and the parks are filling with color. As I look from the window I see a pigeon resting on a tree branch, enjoying the warmth of the sun, and despite the occasional wind blowing, it remaining its perfect balance, calmness, and stillness. As if the pigeon was there just for me, observing me, keeping me company, and reminding me of the importance of silence and the tranquillity I get each morning when I meditate.

And this new season brings with it gifts, blessings and opportunities… but, don’t be fooled, they do not just come to you because of some Universal Law, anything you are experiencing is a result of your own making. You are a creator of your life, imagine who would you be if you knew this wisdom at a very young age, you were empowered, inspired, and nurtured to remain in your flow.

In my thinking, we’re on the beginning of this year. Just a few months left to go before the summer, this is a great opportunity to re-asses, rethink, and re-plan your lives.

It is what I did in the last three days with the world renowned human behavioural specialist Dr John Demartini. Having spent last 25 years taking my life from living on the streets, working in cafes, bars, restaurants, retail shops, to building a very successful IT career and then becoming an Elite Life Coach, Best Selling Author and a heart centred Entrepreneur, I know what it takes to become a Global inspired teacher that John is.

After attending The Break Through Experience, seeing the results, and the shifts I experienced in two long days, I knew it unlocked the parts of my consciousness that despite the experiences, the knowledge, and the wisdom accrued kept me in the prison of my own creation.

I finally left the corporate world in 2011, since then, I have delivered over 25,000 coaching hours, run over 20 workshops, and assisted so many people from all walks of life in UK and Internationally resolve many spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, relationship, financial, business and love challenges.

I completed my business accelerator program called KPI-Become a Key Person of Influence run by Darshana Ubl and Daniel Priestley and published my book A Path to Wisdom: How to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life. Within six months it became a best seller and started to recieve thank you messages from so many souls around the world.

I knew I had transcended the many teachers and coaches I had worked so far as some of them started to become my private clients. Having done most of the Anthony Robbins courses, attended few of his events, learning many healing disciplines, my vision of who I am and what I am here to do kept expanding exponentially.

Before attending The Break Through Experience, I saw many of the John’s talks on many YouTube videos. I spent years learning many disciplines to help me in my spirit guided mission to be of a Global service to humanity. One night, I meditated, entered a deep space of stillness, and in that moment the my heart told me that to realize my big vision I must meet with this man and study his work.

So I did, back then, with no job in sight, I did not have the finances to pay for it, I remember after his talk my friend Daniel and I approached him to see if we could get a discount if we signed up together. He said kindly but firmly no, I knew in that moment that this man means not only business, but also he values himself, is extremly wise, knowledgeable, and devoted his life to help humanity, he was on the same call that my heart was very familiar with.

A call that has been with me since I can remember and one that would not leave me alone until I listened and honoured it. I went outside, approached his team of assistants, gave them my Virgin American Express Card that I keep for rainy days and booked the course.

Looking back, it turned out to be one of the best decision I made. A decision that lead to many opportunities, to giving myself permission to shine, be more, and achieve more. With all of my personal or business clients I now bring additional tools, wisdom, and knowledge that add tremendous value to thier lives. Learnign from John has helped me in all spheres of my Life, in my writings, and in my inspired heart driven mission.

Remember, deep inside your mind, heart and soul, you too have an inspired purpose, dream, vision and calling, that you would love to bring into reality and to the world. But if you are like me, while you are evolving along the journey of creating your dream, you occasionally run into mental, emotional, or physical roadblocks.

These roadblocks or hindering states of challenge or chaos can arise from not having your life organized and prioritized in such a manner that you have assisted yourself in attaining or fulfilling your desired mission. The Master Planning for Life – Life Organizer three day weekend with Dr John Demartini. is a well worth investment. It assisted me in clarifying even more the visions that I see every time I am in that space of stillness. It was also a great confidence boost to share that vision with John and pick his brains to clarify certain aspects of it.

I know from personal expereince it will help you too fulfil what is truly most important to your body, mind, heart and soul. I now look forward to attending The Prophecy Experience and continue to learn and be more to everyone I serve.

…excellent if you started strong in life and have all of your needs met. But if like me you went through all the struggles, you will know that what makes mastery is how wow you END it…

And the best way to predict how you’ll finish this year within the epic we call your life are the choices you’ll make today.

So, with great respect and encouragement I ask you…on this fine day, will you…

  • Listen in silence to your hearts calling so you’re amped and on fire with energy?
  • Protect your focus and just concentrate monomaniacally on purely what matters?

    Dig deep when it’s hard and deliver when it’s tough?

    Aim for legendary, hold yourself to Dr Demartini’s-Level standards and reach for the highest in everything you do?

    Think highest thoughts and speak good words?

    Be radically helpful, acutely of use to other humans and walk with love in your heart?

And–TODAY–will you learn something new, will you be grateful for what you have, will you acknowledge who you are?…

…you’re smart, strong and talented…so you get that all it takes are a few fresh insights, practiced consistently over time, to completely change the direction of your life. Forever…

…a massive commitment to learning and a love of knowledge is a game-changer…because as you know more you can achieve more. It is for this reason that I created TJS Evolutionary Method that I now use in my day to day helping clients resolve personal, business, health, emotional, love, or spiritual life challenges.

…people who have read the book, done the exercises were stunned by the wealth of value, original insights and raised their vibration required for you to unlock your magnificent selves. Some now are personal clients that are like to continue with their personal, professional, and spiritual development to quench thier thirst for wisdom, for love, and for shining their inner light.

…in case you missed it, here is the link where you can download it now by clicking HERE or you can also get a signed hard copy directly from me.

…if you want to know what your true calling is, daily meditation can help, here is a heart centering meditation that you can do daily, download this meditation and let it take you on an inner journey to create inner stillness that is needed for you to listen to your hearts voice. Let me take this opportunity to say a big thank you to my vocal coach Anthony Wade who’s speaker and vocal training has been extremly valueable in creating these meditations that help you increase your vibration and elevate your inner being. To expereince the magic that Anthony Wade brings into my life, I highly recommend to book yourself in one of his Immersion Days, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Hope all this information I’ve worked countless hours to create for you whilst watching the pigeon outside my window peacefully meditating is fuelling your inspiration, productivity, happiness and contribution to the construction of a better world.

I’m here to help, serve, and inspire. Make that call and listen to your soul.

Your light soul partner, I Love you and thank you. ,

Tony J Selimi,

Elite Life Coaching for Inspired Living.,