It’s summertime in London, where ever you go you see trees, flowers, and bushes in full bloom. The leaves protect you from the hot summer sun. The warm breezes flow to cool you down from the heat radiating back at you from the heated concreate pathways, buildings, and other objects that easily store suns energy.

We are born great, yet we are taught otherwise. It is this thought that has occupied my mind from an early age that lead me to pursue a life time of learning, studying many life disciplines, and seeking great teachers that helped me in my journey to understand how to unleash the greatness in me, the infinite wisdom that deep down my heart knew I had, and live a meaningful life.

This journey of seeking the truth led me to travel the world and seek opportunities, possibilities, and people who were on a similar journey to not unleash their own greatness, but also to travel the world and teach others the love and the wisdom that is built in each and every one of us.

I know there are many teachers, prophets, and studies that have been around for years but one man that truly helped me integrate the work that started at a very young age is Dr John Demartini.

Following a talk that Dr Demartini held in London I felt that this man was speaking all that I knew, as if he had gone inside my brain and was able to articulate everything that I then did find it very hard to do.

I attended his Breakthrough Experience where I truly let go of the illusion that I held for many years. The story about my relationship with my mother that kept me imprisoned and deny myself the permission to be, shine, and pursue my dreams.

The shift I experienced was amazing, I was fortunate enough to have John as my surrogate during the collapse process, the room disappeared, and all I could see is my mum and me embodied by pure love. Tears of inspiration kept coming out of my eyes, my heart opened, and I could see clearly the path ahead.

I knew John was absolutely relentless in his pursuit of truth, perfection, and greater understanding of life. A year passed by fast, many things started to shift in my life, most importantly I published my book A Path to Wisdom that within four months made it to the Number One List of Amazon Best Selling List in the Personal Development and Spiritual Development Categories.

My personal, family and professional life started to shift fast. As part of my ongoing commitment to my personal development as well as add more value to my clients, my heart knew I wanted to continue to learn from John.

I committed to attend his Prophecy Experience in Johannesburg, I paid for the course in advance, and few days down the line as if by magic I had a coaching request from a client from Johannesburg who having read my book him and his wife decided to fly me over to do some work together. Once again applying the wisdom John shares in his bestselling book “How to Make a Hell of a Profit and Still Go to Heaven” got me to see the magic that unleashes when we honour universal truths.

The Prophecy Experience in Johannesburg helped me witness the pure mastery born of an adult lifetime of learning, practice, and gorgeously expressing itself.

His commitment to his work, monomaniacal focus, study, and sacrifice allowed him to produce teachings that quenched my souls yearning for wisdom, truth, and unleashing the greatness I knew I had since I was a five year child. Each of the seven days John took us through in-depth study of each of the seven areas of life: Business, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Financial, and Relationship.

At the end of seven days intensive work, I felt my already thirty years of study were just given a full upgrade that was needed to go globally and share my work and wisdom to inspire others to embrace their greatness, truth, and love.

So what did John teach me that created immense impact, achievement, and inspired me to go global and have a greater impact?

….It was the 5 Attitudes of Unleashing Your Inner Genius that I am about to share with you all

#1. Do The Work, Walk the Talk.

I do not come often people who sleep on average five hours a day, do a lot of research, and love what they do. John is not seeking fame, fortune, glory, or happiness. He is in pursue of universal truth and teaches how “Balance” just isn’t the game of most people playing at legendary performance. Their lives are all about their craft. It’s their true love, their greatest passion and their central mission. And because of this, they overcome the impatience, self-doubt, fear of stumbling and attraction to distraction that causes most of us to give up prior to genius showing up.

#2. Perfect Your Processes.

Observing John for real, watching all of his videos, and reading his books helped me get that elite performance that takes years of deep training. John sees himself as apprentice, learning the skill (often at the feet of a master) step by step, day by day until he perfects the process and then he goes on and teaches it. He just like me was committed to his education and overcome life adversities in pursue of universal truths. He has ritualized the discipline and now teaches is to those who are called to be more. Spending time with John, sharing few breakfast meetings got me to understand how greatness takes time to master, and I felt inspired to continue to write, learn, and teach all that I have learnt to my clients (Darwin had the devotion to study barnacles for 8 years as part of forging his scientific understanding).

#3. The Courageousness of Originality Is Living Your Dream.

John is no different to me, or you. Like many great teachers out there, he too went through a series of phases. He started as a beginner (every pro was once an amateur). In this period, watch the masters and copy their moves. With focus, grit and practice you too can reach the next part: technical brilliance. Attendees of Prophecy were delighted by John’s proficiency, so was I. As he continued with his teachings, he reached the final stage where he now globally teaches what he has learned. This is where world-class skill meets serious heart. I saw how John has the guts to express his own voice. Do his own thing. Misbehave in ways no one has ever seen or has the courage to do, his natural wit, charm, and love for his work left me feeling inspired to be even more authentic in my teachings, writings and in showing my own greatness. This is the goal of every A-Player. To become a phenomenon, a legend, a timeless being.

#4. Access Your Inner Genius

You are born great, you know that it’s you inner play that prevents you from winning the game of your life. What I mean by this observation is that that being a genius is less about natural gifts than internal character. The titans of all time are not the smartest nor the most talented, the best of the best are those with the character traits that allow them to stick to the vision, transcend insecurity, endure the pain of intense practice and ignore the envious ridicule of their critics. It is what John, I and many of you must do to pursue your greatness, honour your life mission, and live purposeful. It is through accessing my inner genius that I am now bringing into this world my next book #Loneliness The Virus of The Modern Age due to be published in August.

#5 Invest in Your Personal and Spiritual Development

Driving a car without rear and mid mirror is dangerous to you and others on the road. Similarly for you to drive safely through your journey to greatness it is essential to find a teacher, coach, and a mentor that can be your mirrors through your journey to greatness. I am not talking about friend or people who offer you free advice, I am talking about you investing your money, time and energy in someone who can help you achieve the greatness you are seeking.

As a Speaker, Elite Life Coach, and a Spiritual Teacher I am committed to my personal and spiritual development. It is one of the many reasons that I will continue to invest in learning from the best teachers around the world such as Dr John Demartini so that I am constantly providing greater value to every client I am of service to. To unleash your greatness be ready to do what the greatest achievers do in order to rise to be the best in world in their work and personal lives.

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Ok. That’s it for today. Worked hard on this post. Hope it is super valuable, inspirational, and actionable! Until next time, let me take this opportunity to say a big thank you and I love you to DR John Demartini for all of the teachings you bring into this world, for the Prophecy Experience that helped me further acknowledge the lies that concealed my truth, for being an inspired teacher in my life, and for your time, love, and support by writing a foreword for my next book #Loneliness The Virus of The Modern Age.

Believe in the call on your life to do amazing things…make today, that day you listen to your call to Greatness!

P.S Photo taken by Dianna Bonner