In my day to day work coaching clients from all walks of life I am often asked if I was always so certain, so accepting, and so clear with the vision and my personal mission in life. I also get asked if we are born to be lucky, to be successful, or to be entrepreneurs, leaders, or kings and queens.

Many of my clients also wonder why is it that some people can look, feel, and perform better than others? What choices do I or my successful clients make that can help us grow and become more successful?

Let me share with you my personal story. Recently I was interviewed on the Voice of America Radio Show and was asked the question: What was the secret to my success of going from Waking Up to War, Walking the Streets to Winning Ways?

Here is what I shared….Let’s face it, life as we know it can be harsh, difficult and full of many struggles, but what people often forget it is also exciting, fun, adventurous and full of opportunities that are all around us.

The truth of the matter is that some people choose to enforce the story of lack, difficulty and no opportunities and continue to live that way. Others, on the other hand choose to seize every opportunity presented to them, act on the opportunities presented to them, and continue to fail forward until they achieve the success they are seeking.

This is what helped me and the many entrepreneurs such Baybars Altuntas go from zero to hero, from what Baybars explained in his in inspirational talk “How to make your first Million” how in 24 months he went from stepping of the buss to stepping into a BMW and creating the success and the abundance he know enjoys and has in his life.

Organized by lovely Mirela Sula the CEO and founder of Migrant Women Magazine and sponsored by Regent’s Business School in this talk Baybars shared how seizing every opportunity, calculating every business move, and being persistent took him all the way to the white house and meeting president Barack Obama.

The truth is we are all born with all that we need to become successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and have an abundant life. We all can make a choice to learn, grow and seize every opportunity presented, or we can cultivate a victim mindset.

It is three years ago when I started my entrepreneurial journey, of course there were many challenges, setbacks and people trying to discourage me from perusing my passion and delivering the mission that I knew from a very young age.

Having faced redundancy in 2009 I had time to reflect, I hired a coach and got clear about the vision and the mission I was here on our planet to deliver. I wrote it down, I put it in my book A Path to Wisdom, Aligned my values, actions and habits with the vision and the mission ahead of me. I remained focused and each time I was facing obstacles, I knew that the pain of not delivering the vision was greater than the pain I had to go through to overcome these obstacles.

Today, five years later on I enjoy the fruits of every seed that I sow on the way, I now travel internationally coaching, mentoring, speaking and helping people from all walks of life heal emotional and physical pain, get clear on their vision, and help them live an inspired life. Since the launch of my book “A Path to Wisdom-How live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life” it reached Amazon No 1 and been endorsed by people from all aroudn the world. I am now in process of writing two more books.

Now, if you too are ready to step into your power, make your first Million, and live an abundant life here are this list of 12 habits that I observed whilst coaching and studying my high performers clients and I personally used to to help me go from waking Up to War, walking the streets to winning ways:


1. Seize every opportunity, follow up, do the action. Adopting this habit helps you get away from being in your head to actually doing things. It’s no good of spending 90% of your time thinking about success and 10% of your time doing things to become successful entrepreneur. Choose to reverse this order and make sure you seize every opportunity presented.

2. Dedication. While they might not always feel like it, high performers will work out no matter what. It doesn’t mean they’re in the gym for two hours every day, it just means they stick to doing something four to five times a week. Sometimes it’s thirty or forty-five minutes of high-intensity and calling it a day. Bottom line, the high performers are consistent and dedicated because working out has been made a priority in their daily routine.

3. Say Yes to Life. When opportunities are presented, recognize them and always say Yes.
Often we meet people and fail to explore the reasons why this person entered our life. Paying attention, building relationships and keeping in touch can lead to many doors being opened that create new adventures, experienced and partnerships.

4. Adopt “I can do it” attitude. As the old saying goes “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything”,
changing your attitude not only helps you becoming more open, positive and approachable, but also you start to radiate that energy to everyone you meet. Let’s face it who does not like to be with people who are open and have I can do attitude?

5. Be persistent and consistent.
Develop a Systematic Approach- Would you ever think that since you brushed your teeth yesterday, you don’t need to brush them today? Of course not. There are certain aspects of being a leader and a successful entrepreneur that must be repeated over and over again. It does require the same systematic approach and high performance individuals get this phenomenon.

6. Put the right Systems in Places. High performers understand that life isn’t always about all or nothing. I’ve seen people who think missing a workout means they should throw in the towel and head to the nearest fast food drive thru. Just because you miss one day in the gym doesn’t mean you are off track. To be a high performer, it means you realize the little decisions made on a daily basis are what add up to huge success over the months and years ahead and that having the right systems in place will help them reach their goals over time.

7. Know that success is a cleverly and rationally calculated outcome. No business can exist without knowing the figures and doing the calculations that are necessary to become profitable business venture and a successful entrepreneur.

8. Keep the emotions out of business. Having coached thousands of people, the most common mistakes I see my clients make is being emotional and getting emotionally attached to their work, business or product. This is fatal behaviour that can render your ability to make the right decisions, attract the right customers and remain balanced.

9. Always innovate. In today’s world that Is driven by innovation, it is essential to invest in innovation and think 5, 10 or even 20 years down the line. Most successful businesses, leaders and entrepreneurs are great at innovating. I am currently writing two more books that are a solution to a global problem that is at the root cause of the many issues that we all face such as addictions, fear from terrorism, and the desire to consume more and more products that cause many illnesses.

10. Focus on customer. I grew up by parents who owned few restaurants and taught me to love, respect and always meet the needs of the customer. Without a customer there is no business, there is no leader, there is no entrepreneur. Whatever you do, keep your customer at the centre of your business, listen to the feedback and make the necessary changes that improves your product or service.

11. Have Good sense of humour. Everyone wants to be around an easy going entrepreneur, enjoying a good sense of humour is key to developing close relationships. This is just another habit you can develop that can help you stand out in a room full of high achievers and attract likeminded partners, customers and opportunities. Laughing also benefits your health, reduces pressure, and increases happiness levels.

12. Have a coach that can inspire you to Unleashe Your True Potential. High performers don’t see their investment in coaching as money going out, they see it as abundance, wisdom and knowledge coming in. They see coaching as a way to feel amazing, achieve maximum productivity, optimal performance, and equip with tools that supports them in their day to day life! A great Life Coach places much higher emphasis on matchign your values with your vision, the feelings that get generated by fullfiling your vision and defocuses you from your perceived limitations or restrictions. It’s essential to invest in coaching and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who believe in you, your dream and your entrepreneurial journey.

All of the above helped me remain on track to becoming a Key Person of Influence and a successful Entrepreneur. I developed the ability to solve more problems. So the trick to becoming more successful is to know how to resolve more problems, the bigger the problems you resolve the greater your vision becomes.

Remember, high performers don’t give into peer pressure to abandon their goals. They do not fall into the trap of being brought down by other people’s opinions of their health efforts. If your family, friends or people you spend most of your time with have a problem with your lifestyle changes or can’t be supportive of your goals, you might want to consider seeking new friends.

As you adopt all of the above healthy habits you are rewarded with the value you are generating and giving to the world through resolving bigger problems and providing solutions.

Make sure you get to know you, your abilities, and the skills you have that enables you to be a top problem solver in your area of expertise.

Now that you’ve read my twelve habits of high performers, do you feel like you fall within this category? Are there things on this list that you need to work on? Take stock of your daily habits and let me know if you have any questions.

Christmas and New Year are approaching fast, I’d love to help you begin your journey and transition to a healthier, happier life. Take your first step and book your two hour Clarity Coaching Consultation and make sure that 2015 you turn your dreams into living that reality.

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Helping you become healthy, wealthy and wise. Here is to your joy, success and happiness.

Tony J Selimi