It’s a brand new year, and you know that you have the light bulb within you to create anything you desire!

How does a year filled with more peace, love, joy, abundance, and wellbeing sound to you?

What if you could gain access to tools and information proven to help connect with your spirit, bust through your blocks, let go of fear, and live a more elevated life?

Imagine a life free of limitations, full of opportunities and overflowing with abundance, healing and wellbeing where struggles with relationships, health, weight, money or career are at a minimum, and love, freedom and happiness are part of your everyday experience.

It may sound too good to be true, but I assure you living this way IS possible. Whether this year you are looking to re-train your mind, earn more money, start your business, heal your body, connect with your spirit, discover your soul purpose or access your intuition, what I am about to share with you has something for you!

The first five things you need to do in 2015 is…

1. Get Yourself a Coach

2. Become clear of the outcomes, the goals and the impact you want to make.

3. Establish a clear game plan.

4. Learn the Body, Mind, Spirit Rules of the game you want to play

5. Become persistent by committing to seeing it through to the end.


It’s irresponsible to start 2015 unfocused, unprepared, and uncommitted. It is the same as wanting to go on holiday but never booking a ticket. Yet, that is going to be the reality for far too many.

But it does not have to be that way for you. If you want to make big things happen in 2015, then check out the following insights that I use to help all of my clients achieve extraordinary results.

It all starts with these 23 lessons–the BEST lessons I’ve learned in my life. I first shared them last year when I published my book A A Path to Wisdom and coached many committed entrepreneurs and clients from all walks of life who found them so valuable I wanted to share them with you at the start of the New Year.

And so……here are 30 insights to help you fly. Please don’t forget to share them so we help uplift all around us too…

#1. Success is about becoming focused on your few best opportunities.

#2. Resisting change prevents you from the main source of your growth.

#3. The more you invest in growing and developing your spiritual self, your emotional self, and your mindset and way of seeing the world, the more everything you touch transforms in a breathtakingly positive way.

#4. Don’t accept mediocrity, always pursue perfection in all what you do.

#5. Daily spend time to meditate and allow your mind to be quiet, to heal, and help it recharge.Click here to download this meditation that Awakens Your Natural healing abilities of your body, release any tensions with ease, and leaves you feeling calm, energised, and peaceful.

#6. Live in doing daily acts of kindness. Doing something super-nice for at least one stranger a day gives them a gift and an even larger one to yourself.

#7. Do activities that relax you. Book yourself a monthly massage, the one i truly enjoy and recommend to all of my clients is Adam Frewer’s Energy Healing Full body Massage. Believe me, you’ll body will thank you for it.

#8. The smartest thing you can do to grow a great company is to first learn how to pitch your business. What helped me most is doing the KPI Program, for further details click here..

#9. Replace tv, reading Metro News Paper, and other negative news that are toxic with watching inspired videos. You tube is perfect for that.

#10. Have the discipline to clean out all the energy-draining people in your life. Sometimes this may include the very same people we love most-our family members, friends and people we may date. You really do rise or fall to the level of your associations.

#11. Doing huge dreams we have never done can be frightening. Yet when we push to the edges of our limits, our limits expand.

#12. Make time for yourself to get inspired, no one around you will ever be inspired unless you radiate that energy.

#13. Learn to eat healthy. Your diet affects your moods. Eat like a superstar.

#14. Talk less. Visualise, feel, and do more.

#15. Know your values, it is what you have highest on your values what determines what decision and choices you make. Integrity is more valuable than income.

#16. Model people you admire, love and who inspire you and you’ll find at the end of your life you lived an awesome one.

#17. Learn to love yourself. It’s the great rule for being loving with other people.

#18. When your dominant business focus is to deliver outrageous amounts of value to your customers every time they do business with you, they become fanatical followers who tell the world about what you do.

#19. Know the voice that is yours, the one that nurtures your soul and opens your heart.

#20. Diffuse conflicts. Real leaders have the guts to have the hard conversations and love to communicate transparently.

#21. Create the environment (your home, your office, the magazines you read etc.) that supports the levels of achievements you are seeking.

#22. Practice makes thing perfect. The quality of your practice affects the calibre of your performance.

#23. Daily review your goals and your plan how to achieve them. It is an exceptionally powerful way to breed unbeatable focus and drive.

#24. Measure your success via your influence and impact versus only by your income and net worth.

#25. To become successful, first learn how to be in the flow, feel happy, and live in the moment.

#26. My clients who also invest in a personal trainer and get themselves ultra-fit they end up automatically lift every other area of their life.

#27. Believe in You. Self-belief is so incredibly important. Because if you don’t believe you can achieve a vision/goal, then you won’t even start to do the work needed to achieve that vision/goal.

#28. Eliminate doubt. Our biggest enemy is our own self-doubt. We really can achieve extraordinary things in our lives. But we sabotage our greatness because of our fear. Learn to trust the intelligence that is in every part of your being.

#29. Spend time every day to learn something new about you, your industry, and the market you may be trying to reach.

#30.Spend time in nature, learn to be one with nature, and appreciate nature.

I sincerely hope you use these 30 insights to electrify your mindset, equip you with success ammunition, and help you learn the rules of the game plan so you start 2015 in an ultra-powerful way.

And if you are REALLY serious about making 2015 is the single greatest year of your life yet, definitely get reading Amazon bestselling Book A Path to Wisdom and give yourself the gift of two hour clarity coaching session and let me help you make this New Year Your Best Year Yet. Click here to book.

Oh–and please remember, the way you start 2015 profoundly influences the way you’ll end it so definitely kick it into HIGH gear right now.

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Love, Live, Learn, and Be. With appreciation and respect,

Tony J Selimi

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