No matter how each one of us feels, no matter what we do or not do, the truth is every time we look up, we see the sun, the moon, the sky, and an infinite universe filled with stars that at night come alive and shine their light equally on us all. What could be possible if each one of us comes out of our cocoon and just like stars, every day we shine our love and light? What would change in your life if right now you decided to make a Dent in the universe?

What if, just like I did, you too can find a way to activate your inner genius, become focused, and connect with the right people that can help you on your journey. I trust what you are about to read is going to inspire you into action so that you reach for your star, create a clear vision, and take the steps required to help you deliver your highest vision and make a dent in the universe.

So how did a homeless man who twenty-six years ago fled the atrocities of civil war, could not speak English, had no money, no family or friends to turn too ended up on a British Airways Business Class to San Diego, staying at Hard Rock Hotel in a King Suite room, being interviewed by legendary Brian Tracey, connect with Nick Nanton from Celebrity Branding You, and appear on ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS discussing about my work, award-winning books, and real life coaching documentaries created in partnership with the founders of Vandercom, Joel Van der Molen and Timea Van der Molen. Some of you may be wondering how did I go about creating a concourse of wisdom which is helping people access, activate, and accelerate their human and business potential.

Others may be thinking how did I attract clients from all professions, sectors, and markets including Dr Emanuele Garbelli with whom we are on a mission to transform healthcare globally, Philip Carvil, a space physiology scientist on a mission to create product and services for safe travel to space, and Paul McMonagle on a mission to help people globally heal their OCD and support them on their journey to perfect health? Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree?

For many people what I just shared sounds mission impossible, but for me, like a phoenix, I chose to rise triumphantly from the ashes of my misery, loneliness, and emotional pain and become Human Behaviour expert known internationally as The See-Through Coach who loves inspiring others find solutions to global problems that mankind is facing now and in the not far distant future.

Looking back at my life, I now see with clarity how the pain, the adversities, and the isolation I experienced were what shaped me to daily strive to become a better person, to help others heal, and on this path to learn how both pain and pleasure in equal measure were what helped me focus, create and deliver a vision that is now making a Dent in the universe.

In 2009, my life took a very different turn, without much of a warning I was subjected to corporate backstabbing games that led me feeling stressed, emotionally weak, and destabilised my entire life. I was surprised to learn that I was far from alone on this journey; it seems that many people up and down the country faced redundancy and unfair dismissals that triggered various fears, mental and emotional health related issues, as well as stress-related problems in their personal, professional, and business life.

I started to isolate myself by avoiding seeing friends and family because I didn’t want them to know; I was ashamed, fearful, and became insecure of my worth I knew I had inside. Luckily, I am not one to dwell in this kind of state. I quickly began searching for solutions, I spent a great deal of time evaluating different online programs, I bought The Sylva Method, Hands of Light, Sedona Method, and started to attend talks, seminars and hired few healers and coaches to help me get out of this state.

Each time I passed through Piccadilly, Leicester-square, and Charing Cross Road I found myself in Waterstones, Watkins Spiritual bookshop, and Foyles. I bought and started to read two to four books a week. All of this helped a little, but I was still a long way from that light at the end of the tunnel. If losing the job I loved wasn’t bad enough, I also experienced a major breakdown and had identity crisis that lead me to give power to the voices of my injected values, beliefs, and the unmet expectations of others. Over the months that followed, I studied Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and became qualified Transformational Life Coach.

I then signed up to attend a nine-month entrepreneurial program called “How to become a Key Person of Influence (KPI).” During these nine months, I met so many entrepreneurs on a similar journey to me. I focused my time, energy and money to work with a coach, attend Dr John Demartini’s talks and seminars, and learn how to apply to my business the five simple steps of the KPI Method that Daniel Priestly, the founder of KPI, uses to help entrepreneurs become a key person of influence.

During this nine-month program I learned how to perfect my pitch, create coaching products full of value, built an international profile, create TJS Evolutionary Method, publish my unique IP, and partner up with others to take this unique work ad make a Dent in the universe by reaching, educating, healing, and touching the hearts of one billion people.

Within months of publishing my book A Path to Wisdom, it reached Amazon Number One Best-selling list in Personal Development Category ahead of many global teachers like Louise Hay, Anthony Robbins, and many other respected figures in the personal, professional, business and spiritual development industry. I just kept re-investing everything I was earning from my coaching clients, healing sessions, and business consulting in my personal, professional, and business development. Working with Dr John Demartini helped me clarify my vision, mission, and purpose and be paid my worth.

The more integrated I became inside, the more I started to attract the right clients, opportunities and partnerships to help me deliver the fruits that many of my clients were experiencing to a global audience. The more clients I coached, the more I activated my inner genius and the bigger my vision became. Supporting so many clients resolve their personal, professional and business problems as well as from personal experience I felt called to write about loneliness. A global problem that is not going away, but instead it is increasing exponentially through the power of the internet and social media.

The desire to help people breakthrough their loneliness, find solutions to their mental, physical, emotional related health problems as well as relationship, business, financial and self-love issues, is what inspired me to focus my time, energy, and money to create a powerful five-step method that when applied daily it helps them find the switch that activates their inner light, healing power and infinite wisdom of love. so that they can live more fulfilling, connected, and purposeful lives

We are so connected technologically, yet feel very alone in our hearts, this is a growing problem, we are symbiotic by design, our survival depends on our connection and collaboration with each other. Knowing this I started to think about a solution to the segregation we experience worldwide that people can use daily to live more fulfilling, connected, and purposeful lives. It is this dream to connect people in ways

It is this dream to connect people in ways that help them create heart, mind and soul coherence that inspired me to write another book.