This fear doesn’t affect you all the time, but it can still do some damage when you least expect it. The problem is the seeds of this fear are in your subconcious mind and most likely have been planted in your early childhood.

The best you can do is to be conscious about it and to try to make a mental note of the scenarios in which it creeps up on you.

So lets look at what happens when you’re affected by the fear of unworthiness?

  • You may be experiencing physical and emotional issues and despite seeing many health professionals, your condition is not getting better. Deep down due to lack of self worthiness you do not allow your body to rest, repair and heal.
  • If you’re affected by this fear, you may be an intelligent, talented and likable person – yet despite your strengths, you’re constantly worried of what others think about you.
  • At work, you’re worried your co-workers will “find out” you’re unworthy of your role.
  • You may find yourself going out of your way to please other people and do unnecessary favors for them, just so they don’t think badly of you.
  • You often feel guilty for no apparent reason, and you may have this automatic habit of brushing away people’s compliments – no matter how sincere they are.

As you learn to let go this fear, what happens is that you become unaffected by the fear of unworthiness. As you do so:

  • You’ll learn to love yourself unconditionally, and you’ll stop self-sabotaging habits like overspending.
  • You’ll enjoy a sense of liberation and empowerment in your life as you stop worrying about what others think.
  • You’ll gain the ability to look inwards, and make the career, financial and life choices that serve you.
  • You are Slightly Affected by FEAR OF LOSING IDENTITY
  • You start to release the fear from those parts of your body that you have not loved, and your body starts to heal.

Fear can sabotage your success, ruin you personal and professional life as well as it impacts your well being. Watch out for it, and try to make a mental note of the scenarios in which it creeps up on you.

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In my next article i am going to talk to you about what happens when you’re affected by the fear of losing identity.

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Tony J Selimi