We are born into an environment in which we learn to resist. Through years of conditioning we develop many coping mechanisms to protect ourselves.

We are conditioned to believe in things that were passed on through generations and in most cases most of us when we become adults we create an identity that is so far from the one we were born.

As we experience this separation from the light being we were born to be, we start to seek perfection, subordinate to other peoples values and become uncomfortable with the person we have become.

To search for a more perfect version of yourself is futile. To have gratitude for who you are as you are is wiser. Since I was a kid I observed that those who count their blessings and are grateful, have more to be grateful for. This is a simple principle and yet it has the power to change your life.

We are built on universal principles and the universe behaves like us on a grander scale. Let’s look at a real example that most of us have encountered in our day to day life. If you were to give someone a gift and they just looked at it and then tossed it aside without thanks, would you be inclined to give them another?

Of course not and through the Law of Attraction universe responds in the same manner. The universe bestows its gifts where they are most appreciated. If you’re not grateful for who you are and what you’ve been given, why would the universe want to give you more?

True gratitude is a quiet state of poise and inner calm where you are truly thankful, where you sense the divine order and wouldn’t want anything about you or your life to change. It arises when you are truly thankful for what has already been given.

With this type of thanksgiving you recognize the order and perfection of what is. As a result you receive ever more of life’s gifts. The more i became grateful, the more the universe started to send me things to be grateful for.

Here are five tips on how you can experience more gratitude.

  • Say ‘Thank you and I Love You’ – Observe people who say this how much love they generate. Frankly, there is no limit to how many times you can thank a person, including yourself, and while it may only be two simple words, their meaning is universal and their effects can be profound.
  • Write letters about things you are grateful for – Sometimes our best thoughts and ideas are those we do not try to edit, so let the message you write come to you in the moment. There is no need for the words to make sense to anyone else but the person it is intended for.
  • Give Yourself a Treat – The greatest relationship we will ever have is with ourselves and it’s wise to take the time to show ourselves that we are grateful for who we are and what we choose to be. How you treat yourself all depends on what you like, for some there would be nothing better than a treatment at their favourite spa, for others it’s a new computer.
  • Smile – Have you noticed that when you smile it is impossible to be sad. A smile can be contagious if it comes from the heart and often tells a person so much more than what words can say. Giving the gift of a smile can be a great way to show you are grateful.
  • Give a gift that counts – We all love to give and to receive. The power of a gift when it comes to being a token of gratitude is ultimately the thought that goes into it. Start with yourself, take the time to really look at who the gift is intended for and what they value most in life. Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated for who they are.

I hope that i have inspired you to let go seeking perfection and accept the divine being you already are. Start your day with living through gratitude and see how after about three months of daily practice will awaken your heart and balance your emotions allowing you to become inspired and enthused by your life as it is.

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