This past week I have been following Invictus Games the new international sporting event for wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women.

It may not have quite caught the imagination of the nation the way the Paralympics did but it has been the scene of some heroic endeavour and brought out heavyweight pop and rock names for a good cause.

You may be asking yourself, what can an entrepreneur learn from this amazing sporting event? Well, frankly, quite a lot… With Prince Harry as its patron, the Invictus Games pitched into existence through collaboration, a lot of hard work, and being persistent.

Prince Harry’s speech at the closing ceremony moved and inspired every participant, viewer and anyone who was watching from home. For sure it moved me, in many ways.

With so many challenges throughout my life, I learned how to be Invictus, fearless and commit to my entrepreneurial journey. My dad always told me: “Tony, you can cut back on other things, but never on your education. Always fill your life with books.”

Like many people I grew up with, I strived to be great, but working with so many coaches, teachers, healers my appetite grew bigger and started to aspire to an even higher standard…

…to become the best coach and world renown healer, speaker and Author there ever was.

Watching the Invictus Games was another reminder of how important is to play the real game, to be yourself, and to believe in the dream you are creating.

The TJS Evolutionary Method: The ALARM is a valuable tool that I now use with my clients and take them through some of my most advanced thinking on this point and walk them through the mental model I’ve created to sustain people’s motivation, discover their true life purpose and greatness through a 5 step Method.   

Until you read the book, please allow me to share some core ideas to help you sustain Invictus Entrepreneur spirit every day:

5aa4f9_d3f8884559d646f8a3a57664f0a2a5bb1. Start with your mindset. You may have heard this many times now, but your performance in the world is simply the result of the things you believe. If you really don’t think you’re the kind of person who produces epic results or becomes uber-fit or creates a financial fortune or elevates entire communities, then you’re just not going to do what it takes to make these visions real…

…Try it for yourself, change your private story about your potential and your behaviour changes by itself. Each section of my book helps you begin within. Always, it is the reflection of our inner world that we observe in our outer reality.

e65e8c499f0e4f94b68f313397da725a2. Know your Limits and Clear out your constraints. So many of us want to sustain our Invictus Entrepreneurial Spirit over an entire career versus being one hit wonders. But, instead we fill our lives with so many energy drains and constraints that we never create greatness that endures.

My encouragement: identify what and who drains your energy, delete the energy vampires from your life, clean out all complexity, build a team around you that frees you to fly, remove anything toxic and cherish simplicity. Because that’s where genius lives.  

56df73f3ef4c4261bdf08ef96e7bdfbd3. Surround yourself with the best. The more you associate yourself with successful people, the more you start to be smart and talented. So get this simple truth, the calibre of your associations determines the level of your success… I grew up in Macedonia, there is an old saying: tell me who your friends are I will know who you are..

…some intelligent research has been done on the drivers of exceptional performance. Recently I attending the Trust Conference founded by Roger Hamilton and Michelle Clark and did Talent Dynamics Profile Assessment. Being a Star Profile it gave me the clarity on the kind of team and people I need to surround myself to be my best.

…in other words, associating with others aiming to become world-class lifts up–and sustains–your Invictus Entrepreneurial Spirit. To make the final months of this year the single best months in the history of your entire life, you absolutely must commit to having conversations–and building alliances–with people who are a few levels above you.

In April i launched my first book “A Path to Wisdom-How to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life.” Since then, not only changes peoples’ lives around the world, but also it has inspired many Entrepreneurs to achieve highest level of success, wealth, decency and be of service to our world.

I have spoken at various events, travelled to many countries to work with private clients and helped many entrepreneurs with their businesses. 

I would like to take this opportunity and thank everyone at KPI Business Accelerator Program and my publisher Mindy Gibbins-Klein for helping me be an Invictus Entrepreneur and a Key Person of Influence.

Some who have read my book took the insights and advanced tools and raised their personal lifestyles to the point where they feel healthy, inspired and achieved true freedom for the first time in decades.

…You may now wonder where this journey its taking me next…

5c3e0afaeb68410299452c4cace1b8ee4: Keep developing and training. I have seen it with so many of my clients as well as occasionally with myself how easy it is to get to a great place and then slow down on your practice protocols. But the very best of the best practice even harder as they become more successful…

With the Help of my personal friend and vocal coach Anthony Wade also known as DR Voice I’m now turning my focus to complete my TJS Evolutionary Meditation Solutions. This is a set of tools and meditations designed to help people overcome fears, stress, anxiety and pave the way for inner peace, balance and healing.

If you have been inspired and ready to be Invictus Entrepreneur, get in touch now to book your Clarity Coaching Consultation and start your journey to being your best that you can be.

…If like me you love the old movies, you would remember what the Spartan warriors taught us: “sweat more in practice and you’ll bleed less at war.”

That’s it for now, I truly hope that this message serves–and fuels–your ascent up to amazing…

…I’m here to help, coach, develop and inspire your Invictus Entrepreneurial Journey…over the long run.

So together we get you to your finest life. You just deserve no less than enjoying your best.


…Congratulations to everyone who downloaded my Awaken and Open Your Heart Meditation, do this meditation daily to build an iconic heart based business and live a life that makes history….


Use this guided meditation to tap into your heart space and center your inner self by helping you connect to the source of your awareness in its purest form. Release tensions, any disharmony in your body, and heal any parts of your body with healing white light and the healing power of your heart.

You will awaken into a conscious awareness feeling energised, loved, calm and revived – and able to tackle the challenges that lie in your way.

Some that i personaly coach have rewired their mindset for deep gratitude, daily happiness and their finest health of their lives. The success stories still pour in…

Ok… the point being….

…it would have been so easy for me to drop the game, morale and not try… …but I know “comfort zone” is not really where I want to be.

Remember to download Heart Awakening Meditation from ITunes or The Velvet Journey Website and start your day feeling relaxed, inspired and euphoric.

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With much love, respect and appreciation,

Tony J Selimi
Elite Life and Business Success Coach, Mentor, Healer and Author.

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