The fear of failure is a global problem. It is toxic to your body, it keeps you stuck in procrastination loop and stops you achieving what you truly want and desire for yourself.This type of fear is not in our conscious awareness but deeply embedded within our subconscious parts of ourselves. It commands how we interact with others and the way we talk to ourselves.

This fear is what stops people moving forward in life daily. Most likely has been internalized at a very young age and by the time you grow it can ruin your life and paralyze you.

Some of the statements that I have heard by working with hundreds of clients who experience this fear are: I’m afraid of losing success once I have it, impatience stops me from manifesting abundance, I fear being envied when I achieve success, I must overcome self-sabotage, I’m addicted to overspending, I procrastinate to rebel against others, I procrastinate because I feel resentful, anger sometimes blocks my abundance, I’m anxious about bills and expenses and Vibrational clutter stops me from attracting abundance.

Let’s face it, you’re capable of great things if only you would allow yourself.

What happens when you’re affected by the fear of failure?

  • If you’re affected by this fear, you’re capable of great things – if only you’d get off your butt and do them!
  • You self-sabotage through behaviours like procrastination, being late and starting conflicts, all because you’re always asking yourself: “what if I try my best and I still fail?”.
  • You’re often known as the person who has their heart in the right place, but has trouble getting things done.•
  • When a new career or business opportunity comes along, you find it hard to stay excited for lon
  • g.

  • And because of your tendency for leaving things unfinished, there’s a high chance you’ve got dozens of half-read books on your bookshelf.

What happens when you’re unaffected by the fear of failure?

  • You’ll start perceiving failure as a necessary step towards success: and this one mind shift will spark massive positive change in your career & finances.
  • You’ll follow through with everything you do, whether it’s a dream to travel the world or to start your own business. No more abandoning things half way.
  • You’ll break free from self-sabotaging habits like procrastination, and become MUCH more productive at work and at home.

This fear is not significantly affecting you at this point in your life, but you should be aware of it in case your circumstances change in the future. You should also get to know this fear so you can look out for it in your friends and family – because their thoughts and feelings can bring you down too.

What can you do about it?

  • Dig deeper and get clarity on the values, thoughts, behaviours and identify which fear is affecting you
  • Acknowledge how does this fear serves youStart creating an equilibrium and see the dual nature of this fear
  • Each day challenge yourself to do something different, start changing small things i.e. I change the way you behave when you do the things you need to do, do one thing for your top priority task.
  • Remember, its only a perception and that FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing RealYou can use various techniques, using NLP, Crystal Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

If you want to learn more about how to transmute from “Fear of Failure” you may want to get a copy of my book “A Path to Wisdom: How to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life” from or the major retailers to learn how to go deeper within yourself. It might be just the solution you have been looking for. The book is available on kindle and iTunes from 10th of April.

You can also schedule a Fear2FReedom Coaching Consultation and start your journey, say good by to Fear and say Hello to your new found Freedom.

In my next article i am going to talk to you about what truly stops you from being in the flow.

Helping you become healthy, wealthy and wise. To your joy, success and happiness,

Tony J Selimi