I just got back from Israel where i was visiting and coaching a very close friend of mine Amir who i met in London 15 years ago. Since then, so much has happened, changed and we have both evolved as spiritual beings.

Back then we were both in our early 30’s, full of life and we were both doing something different from what we are doing now. Although our paths have taken us to different directions, one thing for sure has not changed is our friendship, closeness and the Love we share for one another.

We had few great conversations the other day about his current challenges he was facing in his personal life and the direction he wanted to take in his career. We talked at length about what he wants to create in 10 years’ time, and got some clarity on what kind of jobs he needed to do to achieve his dream. One thing for sure we all have a choice and must think about who we chose to serve and what that means for the work you may be currently doing.

This trip gave me a lot of food for thought; it also gave me an idea of what I wanted to share with you in this post.

As i am writing this blog post I’m drinking a delicious vanilla shake from Juice Plus that my very dear friend Farhan got for me to try. I must confess it is tasty though….I am reflecting on the week gone, the people i helped and also planning my next year.

What i have noticed with myself and many thousands of clients i have helped so far is: once people focus all of their energy in their chosen path, they naturally become clearer about the next steps and have a lot of energy. They start feeling more confident each day, feel proud about what they have achieved and start to consciously choose and make the choices that helps them remain on their chosen path no matter what.

I can tell you for sure it is not easy to remain on your chosen path as by the second we get easily distracted, this is where working with a good life coach can help you overcome those challenges and purposefully move forward.

So what about you? Are you clear about your path?

Your path is the deep alignment of your values and beliefs with the pursuit of your missions and goals. For some people, just thinking about all that is a bit tricky, because maybe you’re working at some “job” that doesn’t really match your intentions. Maybe you’re stuck somewhere. Or maybe you’re in between pursuits.

More dangerously, maybe you have no clue what path matters to you.

How do you find a path?

We could probably create a framework to do that. I’m sure someone or other sells such a thing. But let’s just make one right now. Here are the ingredients which i share in my book A Path to Wisdom, which you will have to answer (please don’t just read this. Take a moment and jot some responses to yourself – or to me!):

  • What actions or activities make you happiest?
  • What actions or activities make time seem to disappear?
  • Do you prefer working with people or alone?
  • In what ways do you prefer to serve others? (For instance, I work much better with groups than one-on-one, though I can do both).
  • Where have you seen even the smallest glimmer of impact from your actions when you’ve done something? (What has made a difference?)
  • What do people come to you to ask about?
  • Does this get you thinking? Does it fill you with despair? Do you have regrets that bubble right to the top?

    Believe it or not, the thoughts that don’t immediately align with the questions above might be more valid than the actual answers to what I asked of you. Listen. Don’t throw anything away for a moment. Just listen to what your insides are telling you. That’s the work of figuring out your path.

    Working on my own business, with so many business owners, and many entrepreneurs i came to understand the business implications of not understanding your path.

    I shifted from doing consulting projects with big companies (I still do some, when asked, but I’m not actively seeking them) to working as Elite Life Coach, Mentor and Spiritual Healer with a range of individuals from all walks of life. I did that because I love what i do. I like working with likeminded professionals who seek to improve their capabilities, no matter where they are in the corporate hierarchy or work for themselves.

    This wasn’t entirely easy. It’s harder for people to decide to invest in their own personal development when it comes from their own wallet, instead of when they willingly spend corporate pounds. It’s harder still because sometimes, people have been employees in servitude for so long that they don’t realize that investments in their growth almost always yield MORE money than what was spent in the process.

    I am asked so many times the question: how did i become a Life Coach? Well i invested a lot of time, money, and energy. I have my own coach, mentor, PT and healer. Growing, expanding and learning is a lifelong process. So right now let go of the idea that you know it all, and if you have not got a coach get one and invest in your chosen path.

    But that was a choice. That’s the path I took. And I’m thrilled to serve you because it’s always a lot more rewarding than watching great ideas sink into the blur of daily corporate life.

    The same is true for you. You have to know the business implications of your path. Can you make money doing what you want to do? Can you find buyers? If you can demonstrate value, the answer is always yes. It just might take a while for it to come.

    Tell me about your path.

    And if you want to make yours solid and highly profitable, read “A Path to Wisdom-How to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life” or get in touch and book a two hour discovery coaching session. I’d love to see you on your path to higher levels of consciousness with me.

    If you see yourself in any of the above, get in touch now to start your Elite Life Coaching or your spirit healing journey with me. Together, you too can change your circumstances and start living your best Life.

    Tony Jeton Selimi
    Learn, Live, Love and be Light, because that’s what you are!

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