Are you someone who expects a lot from yourself and others, is in process of reviewing the role you want to play in the movie of your life, and are ready to kick start your greatness? If so, this is not your Stop, it is your Start to find solutions to everyday challenges.

You know that the strategies that got you this far may not be suitable for the next leg of your journey; the time has come for you to reactivate your personal, professional, and spiritual growth. This Bronze integrated coaching package was designed to help people like you embark on a path to Kick Start Your Greatness, awaken your truth, increase your awareness of the power you have within, and get you to acknowledge your true authentic self.

This is ideal package if you want to get the clarity, guidance, and the support you need to overcome a specific life challenge in any of the eight key areas of life that stops you from living in balance. With Tony as your See-Through Coach you learn how to breakthrough perceived mental walls, dissolve emotional blocks, and turn the impossible into possible.

Through unique twenty five conscious processes embedded in TJS Evolutionary Method Tony gets you to address deep rooted issue at the root and put yourself on a path in which you start to achieve the results that are aligned to your highest values and bring about a greater sense of achievement and fulfillment.