Adversity, daily struggle and worry can create an emotional upheaval that drains your of your life force.

If your daily experiences are full of emotions that you don’t understand, you find it difficult to connect to your feelings, and are ready to dissolve volatile emotions, then this guided meditation from “TJS Evolutionary Meditation Solutions” by Tony J Selimi is created to help you free yourself up from emotional traumas, let go of all the confusions of the day, and reconnect you to your true self by using and amplifying your senses to master your emotions.

This emotional awareness relaxation meditation is a sensory relaxation process that can allow you to become more aware of feelings based on the sensory experience of an emotion. Use this meditation to build emotional intelligence, increased emotional awareness, and amplifying your senses.

Relevance of this meditation will help:

•           Survivors of trauma, abuse, and war.

•           People who are emotionally sensitive.

•           Feel emotional with no reason.

•           People experiencing anger, frustration, anxiety.

•           Want to build confidence, self-esteem, self-worth.

•           Engage, exercise and amplify your senses.

•           Learn creative visualisation.

•           Understand, accept, and master your emotions.

•           Truly being in the moment.

•           Ready to dissolve all emotional pain.

By familiarizing yourself with the sensory experience of emotions, you can become skilled at recognizing what it is you are feeling in a given moment, and address both positive negative emotions you experience in daily life.

Listening to Awaken Your Senses Master Your Emotions Meditation will provide you with the benefits of improving your ability to listen and master your emotions and exercise your senses.

Daily use of this meditation will help your creativity and your ability to learn and to concentrate. It will bring you peace of mind and emotional stability. It is also one of the most powerful natural ways to bring balance into life.