Are you seeking the best way to get Positive Energy in Your Life? Are you looking for a meditation that can help you Stop absorbing and wash away other people’s negativity?

From the moment you wake up, through your five primary senses you start to absorb billions of bits of information from the environment and the people you interact daily.

As you drawn in this field of inequity, you will find yourself amongst the mud, dirt, grime and sweat sticking to your skin, weighing you down from the arduous tasks of just daily living. Your inspiration stops, your energy depletes, and your will to go on is weakened. This can bring you frustration, confusion, mood swings and unhappiness. Prolonged exposure to this daily environment causes you to feel stressed, tired and short tempered impacting your health, balance, and relationship with self and others.

This meditation is Your Daily Energetic Shower that will wash away and clean off all the bad energy collected throughout the day. It is designed with you in mind, a busy professional in need for a daily rejuvenating cosmic cleansing shower that rids you off other peoples polluted effects upon you, their negativity, and unresolved emotional blockages leaking out to you through the human energy field.

Just like you take a shower every day, you might want to consider clearing your energy fields every day. Perhaps it’s something you don’t normally do in your life, though this short meditation is designed with busy professionals in mind, do it in the shower, when you are on the train to work, before you go to bed, on your lunch break, or even every time you go to sleep. Daily listening to this meditation helps you clean your energy, you infuse love in yourself and you cut your cords with others.

Daily practice of this meditation will help your body release all negativity and association to lack of Energy, Increase Positive Energy, Vitality, and Spiritual Protection. Daily practice of this meditation is key to Manifestation of Your Heart’s Desires, it is also essential to immerse in this process for a minimum period of 90 days.

This is an invitation for you to embark on a journey that will help you Rejuvenate in Your Personal Daily Energised Shower. It is designed to help you increase your vibrational state to the one that is required for you to operate at your maximum, allowing you to feel the essence of who you are, and be the love that you are.