TJS Meditations

  • This Meditation is part of TJS Evolutionary Meditations solutions designed specifically to activate the body's natural healing powers. Every word and sound is designed to deepen and awaken you. To position you and to allow you to relax, trust and surrender to the natural healing process of your infinite being. With such inner focus towards yourself, you will open up to allow your imagination to see, experience and feel the true healer within you. Through the power of your mind you are able to directly influence every cell in your body, and this meditation guides you to tap into your own inner potential and awaken your inner doctor. This is excellent guided meditation is for you if you are looking to:
    1. Complement your healing journey with harnessing the power of meditation
    1. Achieve total body mind relaxation.
    2. Connect to the natural healing powers of your body, mind heart and soul
    3. Aid you to overcome emotional challenges such as: stress, depression, anxiety, overwhelm
    4. Help you overcome addictions, physical health challenges, and restore balance to your body
    5. Guide you to experience the true power of Love.
    As you awaken from the experience, you will feel peaceful, loved, healed, and with a strong sense of wellbeing. To learn more about how you can accelerate your healing journey, start learning more about the TJS Evolutionary Method, start reading or listening to Tony’s award-winning and best-selling book A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness. Study, use and embody the wisdom you gain through using the five pillars of this method in your day to day life to help you gain the clarity and the tools required to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life. Do this meditation daily and start to feel yourself returning to a healthier state of being. This meditation is to awaken you to the masterful physician that resides in you. You will access your mental healing faculties, connect and acknowledge you as the source of your healing potential, and reconnect your being to the infinite wisdom of love. This meditation awakens you to your own energy so you are able to connect to the masterful physician that resides in you. Throughout this step by step process you will become aware of your mental healing faculty, connecting and acknowledging your own healing power.  
  • Adversity, daily struggle and worry can create an emotional upheaval that drains your of your life force. If your daily experiences are full of emotions that you don’t understand, you find it difficult to connect to your feelings, and are ready to dissolve volatile emotions, then this guided meditation from "TJS Evolutionary Meditation Solutions" by Tony J Selimi is created to help you free yourself up from emotional traumas, let go of all the confusions of the day, and reconnect you to your true self by using and amplifying your senses to master your emotions. This emotional awareness relaxation meditation is a sensory relaxation process that can allow you to become more aware of feelings based on the sensory experience of an emotion. Use this meditation to build emotional intelligence, increased emotional awareness, and amplifying your senses. Relevance of this meditation will help: •           Survivors of trauma, abuse, and war. •           People who are emotionally sensitive. •           Feel emotional with no reason. •           People experiencing anger, frustration, anxiety. •           Want to build confidence, self-esteem, self-worth. •           Engage, exercise and amplify your senses. •           Learn creative visualisation. •           Understand, accept, and master your emotions. •           Truly being in the moment. •           Ready to dissolve all emotional pain. By familiarizing yourself with the sensory experience of emotions, you can become skilled at recognizing what it is you are feeling in a given moment, and address both positive negative emotions you experience in daily life. Listening to Awaken Your Senses Master Your Emotions Meditation will provide you with the benefits of improving your ability to listen and master your emotions and exercise your senses. Daily use of this meditation will help your creativity and your ability to learn and to concentrate. It will bring you peace of mind and emotional stability. It is also one of the most powerful natural ways to bring balance into life.
  • Do you want to discover what Stops You from receiving your Worth? Are you curios to know why daily Meditation can help you on Your Way to Incredible Health, Wealth, & Happiness?

    Meditation for

    Unbalanced emotions is what prevents many people attain perfect health. This guided meditation From Black Hole Debt to the Magical Fountain of Wealth is designed to help you attract more Prosperity in your life. You are guided through an experience that can assist you expand your being and embark on a journey this will expose the root cause to the lack of money in your life, eliminating thoughts and feelings associated with all money troubles, it will open you to all channels to your wealth consciousness. It is intended to help you on your journey to increase your vibrational state to the one that is required for you to become a money magnet, allowing you to bring many opportunities into your life such as the right people and situations required for you to attract all that you want. Meditating daily as part of your daily actions can assist you in accelerating your journey to attaining greater wealth. The less stress you have in life, the more you can focus to bring more opportunities and wealth. At the end of the meditation you will awaken with a dose of inner peace. To increase your possibilities to attract more wealth in your life, you may want to get your copy of Tony's best-selling books A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness.  
  • Do you suffer from headaches, tensions, migraines and lack of sleep? Is peace of mind important to you? Do you need to calm your thoughts, relax and unwind? Are you ready for total relaxation and inner stillness? Living in a fast paced world where daily we are bombarded by billions of information that our body needs to process can leaves us feeling stressed, emotionally, physically and spiritually drained. The truth is that our daily demands of our busy life styles are constantly competing for our mental and emotional energies creating blockages, tensions, stress, and misalignment in our energy field that lead to all sorts of physical and emotional illnesses such as headaches, pain, migraines, and tensions in our heads, shoulders, chest, abdomen, neck and legs. Think about it for a moment...Your mind is at work all day, every day. Every decision you make, every challenge that you face, every moment you go through in life, your mind is your constant companion, and it can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Your mind is something you need to take good care of, because your quality of life is directly related to your "quality of mind". Wouldn’t it be a blessing if you could find a way to move through each day with a greater sense of peace and harmony, with heightened creativity and intuition, with a sharper intellect and a more positive outlook? For many people today, the deep, effortless meditation that brainwave entrainment provides is the key to a more fulfilling, peaceful and successful life. This guided meditation from "TJS Evolutionary Blissful Meditation Solutions" by Tony J Selimi is to help people transmute Headaches, Migraines, Negative Self Talk, Insomnia, Tensions, Discord in their Energy Field of the Body, Noisy and Busy Mind into a state of Inner Bliss, Calm, Peace, Clarity, Vitality, Joy, Flow, Positivity, Stillness, and quality Sleep. It will take you on an effortless journey that quiets your mind and opens you up to experience a very natural inner state of joy and bliss. Listening to From Noisy Head to Blissful Mind Meditation will provide you with the benefits of improving your mental clarity, your creativity and your ability to learn and to concentrate. It will bring you peace of mind and emotional stability. It is also one of the most powerful natural ways to cure insomnia, headaches, and migraines and can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep. Binaural beats that Tony is using in this guided meditation are a scientifically proven technology for achieving profound relaxation and they can improve your overall health by dramatically reducing the effects of stress in your life. This is a meditation that everyone can do. The Blissful Mind Meditation is suitable for people who are new to meditation and for those who are more experienced when they are finding it difficult to relax. It’s truly fully of all ages (including children) and it's a meditation that everyone can enjoy - seasoned meditators and complete novices alike. Just take a seat, close your eyes while your expert spiritual teacher, the see-through coach and healer Tony J Selimi leads you into a state of deep relaxation. During your journey, you will discover how easy it is to use guided imagery to completely change the way you feel. This guided meditation uses plenty of guided imagery to lead you into a state of deep relaxation, and then open your heart and mind to experience a natural state of bliss. Everyone deserves a little more bliss in their day. Everyone likes to feel relaxed, happy and peaceful. Well that’s exactly what From Noisy Head to Blissful Mind Meditation is all about.
  • We live in a fast paced, demanding, and time consuming world, things get stressful, and people are relying on you to make quick decisions. We are daily bombarded with trillions of bits of information and by the end of the day we end up feeling overwhelmed, tired and depleted of our life force.

    If this is you, then it’s time to connect to your heart space, the generator of your life force and the seat of the driver of your life-your soul.

    The heart center is the centre of your being, the point of awareness where feelings and energy reside. It is a space of consciousness and not just an organ that pumps blood.

    In its highest energy form, the heart space has the quality of peace, love and light.

    Use this guided meditation to tap into your heart space and center your inner self by helping you connect to the source of your awareness in its purest form. Do this daily for ninety days to release tensions, any disharmony in your body, and heal any parts of your body with the healing power of your light.

    You will awaken into a conscious awareness feeling energized, loved, calm and revived – and able to tackle the challenges that lie in your way. Every time you complete this meditation you are in a state of improvement that will increase with each time you repeat this process.

  • Are you seeking the best way to get Positive Energy in Your Life? Are you looking for a meditation that can help you Stop absorbing and wash away other people's negativity? From the moment you wake up, through your five primary senses you start to absorb billions of bits of information from the environment and the people you interact daily. As you drawn in this field of inequity, you will find yourself amongst the mud, dirt, grime and sweat sticking to your skin, weighing you down from the arduous tasks of just daily living. Your inspiration stops, your energy depletes, and your will to go on is weakened. This can bring you frustration, confusion, mood swings and unhappiness. Prolonged exposure to this daily environment causes you to feel stressed, tired and short tempered impacting your health, balance, and relationship with self and others. This meditation is Your Daily Energetic Shower that will wash away and clean off all the bad energy collected throughout the day. It is designed with you in mind, a busy professional in need for a daily rejuvenating cosmic cleansing shower that rids you off other peoples polluted effects upon you, their negativity, and unresolved emotional blockages leaking out to you through the human energy field. Just like you take a shower every day, you might want to consider clearing your energy fields every day. Perhaps it’s something you don’t normally do in your life, though this short meditation is designed with busy professionals in mind, do it in the shower, when you are on the train to work, before you go to bed, on your lunch break, or even every time you go to sleep. Daily listening to this meditation helps you clean your energy, you infuse love in yourself and you cut your cords with others. Daily practice of this meditation will help your body release all negativity and association to lack of Energy, Increase Positive Energy, Vitality, and Spiritual Protection. Daily practice of this meditation is key to Manifestation of Your Heart’s Desires, it is also essential to immerse in this process for a minimum period of 90 days. This is an invitation for you to embark on a journey that will help you Rejuvenate in Your Personal Daily Energised Shower. It is designed to help you increase your vibrational state to the one that is required for you to operate at your maximum, allowing you to feel the essence of who you are, and be the love that you are.