From Black Hole Debt to Magical Fountain of Wealth

From Black Hole Debt to Magical Fountain of Wealth


Do you want to discover what Stops You from receiving your Worth? Are you curios to know why daily Meditation can help you on Your Way to Incredible Health, Wealth, & Happiness?

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Unbalanced emotions is what prevents many people attain perfect health. This guided meditation From Black Hole Debt to the Magical Fountain of Wealth is designed to help you attract more Prosperity in your life. You are guided through an experience that can assist you expand your being and embark on a journey this will expose the root cause to the lack of money in your life, eliminating thoughts and feelings associated with all money troubles, it will open you to all channels to your wealth consciousness.

It is intended to help you on your journey to increase your vibrational state to the one that is required for you to become a money magnet, allowing you to bring many opportunities into your life such as the right people and situations required for you to attract all that you want.

Meditating daily as part of your daily actions can assist you in accelerating your journey to attaining greater wealth. The less stress you have in life, the more you can focus to bring more opportunities and wealth. At the end of the meditation you will awaken with a dose of inner peace.

To increase your possibilities to attract more wealth in your life, you may want to get your copy of Tony’s best-selling books A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness.


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“After downloading Tony Selimi’s From Black Hole Debt to The Magical Mountain of Wealth Meditation , there was only one conclusion for me. This man is a real authentic expert and he knows what he is talking about. Even though I have only listened to this guided meditation just a couple of times so far, I have began to feel the benefits instantly. It does what is says on the tin. It creates a abundant mind. As a busy entrepreneur and dad, my mind is constantly occupied with loads of stuff. I am delighted I’ve discovered this programme and looking forward to using it on a regular basis. Thank you! Harun Rabanni, UnTangledFM

“If you need to to clear out your money pipes, or be happy and satisfied with life, simply listen to this recording and relax. You will finish completely tranquil and excited about life again. Trust me when I say you really have to experience it Tony’s healing voice and the magic he brings to thousands of people with a backdrop of beautiful meditation music and healing sounds to appreciate how profoundly relaxing and heart-warming it is .I can see the difference in my positivity, opportunites I generate, and for sure I now fall asleep within 5 minutes when I do Tony’s meditation” Shelley J Whitehead, Women’s Relationship Coach, London

“I always struggled with Money, I have had been meaning to get into meditation for quite some time but I just couldn’t seem to master it properly which made me frustrated. The idea of switching off and creating ‘stillness’ really bugged me. Coupled with the fact that I found it so difficult anyway, I really was sceptical about giving it another shot. I stumbled across Tony Selimi’s meditations on iTunes and started to give it a go. I was amazed at just how much focus and attention I could give to it bearing in mind that I have such a short attention span (probably why I always avoided meditation!). Doing Tony’s meditations on a daily basis has really helped me calm my mind and think clearly. I am free to go about my day with a renewed energy and vigour.” Paul Miller, Entrepreneur, London.



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