Facing the prospect of living homeless, I took some time to re-assess, reflect and consider my next steps. I started my entrepreneurial journey. Looking back, I realise that every misfortune did much to bring joy, wisdom and feelings of connection, courage and certainty into my troubled upbringing. I knew that it was time to write that life manual, that as a child, I used to dream about. In April 2014, from the Waldorf Hilton Hotel Palm Court, I launched into the big wide world my first book A Path to Wisdom. From everything I had learned, l extracted a robust conscious framework for overcoming personal challenges, healing the body-mind and awakening our true greatness and embedded it into the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™.

Each principle of this method, when applied, it can turn anyone into a masterful genius and unleash their capacity to live like a legend. Little I knew that it will win many book-awards, become #1 international bestselling book and put me on a life trajectory that fulfilled my childhood dream, which is to travel the world teaching, educating and guiding others to greater levels of achievement, freedom and self-mastery.

Doing more and more speaking engagements and consulting private clients across the globe, I started to notice how lonely most people were. I felt called to write my next book #Loneliness as a global call for people to redefine themselves amid adversity. Throughout the book, I share how Loneliness has become a deadly epidemic that affects our mental, emotional and physical health, social life, relationship and in business and what people can do about it.

In one of the private talks I gave at Inspired Stage in Mayfair, my paths crossed with my client Joel Van der Molen who after six hours dinner at the prestigious Savoy he instantly hired me to be his business mentor and transformational life coach. Few months down the line his wife Timea also started to work with me to address some health and relationship problems. They both were so inspired by the transformational breakthroughs they experienced in their private and business life that they wanted to tell the world about the effectiveness of my TJSeMethod: ALARM™ and ground-breaking teachings.

The idea to co-create Living My Illusion was born and has instantly become a global phenomenon winning awards in many international film festivals. Who would have thought that in twenty-eight years I would go from living homeless to becoming a Hollywood multi-award-winning filmmaker.

So far I have appeared on over 200 TV/Radio stations across the world including SKY, Top Channel, News 24, Alsat M, RTK, RTV2, RTM, Klan Kosova, MTB2, TV Dukagjini, Oracle TV, Stand Up TV, Broadcast Your Passion TV, Hay House Radio and being interviewed by Ian Pelham-Turner, an award-winning Royal Photographer and Royal Commentator, the co-creator of “Chicken Soup for the Soul TM” Jack Canfield and the legendary Brian Tracy shown on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and their affiliates reaching over 50 million plus listeners, viewers and readers worldwide.

As a business consultant, educator, and mentor I globally provide answers to questions and practical solutions to life’s challenges in one on one consultations, talks, workshops, corporate training, mastermind groups, Vital Planning for Elevated retreat, articles, documentaries, films as well as through regular contribution to diverse media outlets, high-profile blogs, programmes, podcasts, YouTube Videos, books, Udemy online course and downloads of the TJS Evolutionary Meditation Solutions™.