Planning is the essential part of accessing, unravelling and maximising your human potential. Before the process of building structures that inspire generations, architects are required to produce a detailed plan. Similarly, for you to maximise your human potential you to are required to sit down and plan your ideal life. The problem is most of you never got around to doing it. Or perhaps some of you just don’t know where to begin.

It is what helped Tony build the solid foundation required to build a seven-figure business, it is what he uses to help his clients do the same and now can help you live masterfully. TJS Vital Planning for Elevated Living is a five day of intensive learning to give you the time, direction, guidance and incentive to develop a purposeful, meaningful and inspired destiny you’ve dreamed of.
Imagine walking away from this five-day intensive workshop with a vital plan that sets you on a trajectory to live an inspired life.

You will walk away with a clear vision, mission and a masterful plan in all of the eight key areas of life:

  1. Business
  2. Financial
  3. Relationship
  4. Love
  5. Mental
  6. Emotional
  7. Physical Health and Well-Being Plan

This all in one solution vital planning is for the modern leader, entrepreneur and a business owner seeking to accelerate their growth!

Once you have completed this amazing five-day workshop you will have your very own Vital Planning for an Elevated Living document that you can continue to update, develop and perfect for the rest of your life. This is the TJS Vital Planning Method that Tony J. Selimi has used to achieve what he has accomplished to date.

Three days intensive workshop is for you if you are ready to establish the foundation required to Lead, Elevate and Maximise Your Life.

In this incredible five-day workshop you will learn how to:

  • Create a clear, vvalue-driven and heart centered mission statement
  • Change the Blueprint to one that creates your dreams
  • Awaken Your Higher Mind
  • Clarify, change, and honour your highest values
  • Turn your greatest fears into fuel for the freedom you are seeking
  • Get organized, plan and prioritize your specific action steps
  • Overcome stubborn blocks that stop you from building an abundant future

Only 3% to maximum 5% of the world’s population takes the time required to plan and the 97-95% of the world’s wealth is in the hands of those who take the time to set SMARTER goals, create a Vital Life PLAN and take daily action.

It is through planning that world’s greatest civilisations were built, through planning you too can create a content life, one filled with greater achievement and accomplishment. If you do not plan, you remain in a vulnerable world of stressful cause and effect.

Give yourself permission to be extraordinary. This is your opportunity to take the time required to define the future you want your life to be in.

Listen below as Tony J. Selimi shares additional information about what to inspired him to create this Vital Planning for Inspired Living Program and what you can expect from the 3 intensive days of writing, learning, and questioning:

Ideal for:

  • CEO’s, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Business Managers, Start Ups
  • HR departments, Sales & marketing teams, Customer Relations departments, Communication departments
  • Leadership and Corporate Coaches
  • Dr’s, PT’s, healers, therapist and other well-being professionals
  • Anyone who lacks clarity and has a dream of starting a business
  • Anyone wanting to know how to get the clarity to increase efficiency and profit in business
  • Anyone seeking to enrich their current career path or emerge as a leader in their field


To Vital Plan Your Life and Live Masterfully, Say Yes Now!

Date: 2018

Time: 9:00 to 18:00

Venue: Central London-TBC

Cost: £999 +VAT, Early Bird £699+VAT

Early Bird can Booked By: 26/08/2016 and Save £300

Additional Offer : Bring a Friend Offer £1500 +VAT (Save £498 +VAT)

Recommended prior attendance at the Elevate Your Being