Did you know that the humpback whale instinctively goes to a certain depth where water viscosity is just right for the transmission of its sound? This depth provides a corridor that allows the sound waves to move great distances with little resistance. Dolphins and toothed whales use echolocation/sonar to manoeuvre in their underwater world with great accuracy. By expanding the energy body and consciously activating increased cranial motion, humans can also reach a state of decreased density which allows sonar waves to travel through various dimensions with the least resistance.

We live in an era of sensory overload and lose sight of this and many other abilities we are gifted with by birth. Our lives have the potential to be saturated by the noise and the distraction of every waking moment. The unfortunate reality is that we start to lose our ability to listen to our inner Sonar, the voice that is ours, and the one that knows who we truly are. But for children, wonder and intrigue remain integral to the process of discovering life. They follow their true authentic voice that is free of worry, judgements and fear.
It’s that gut feeling, that knowing, that if not listened to can lead to physical, emotional, mental, relationship, business, love and spiritual challenges that leave you feeling drained of your life force. Not listening to your true authentic voice can stop you from living your potential, from walking away from people and situations that potentially are damaging your being, and why many of you lose sight of the direction you want your life to be going in.

In this talk, Tony J. Selimi internationally renowned human behaviour expert, author, and speaker also known as the See-Through Coach, will share with you some key principles to adhere to so that you can become a better unravelling your true authentic voice. When used daily, these key principles allow your true personality to emerge through becoming better at listening to your hearts voice.

Come along to this talk if you want to become better at listening to your inner Sonar, become strong and coherent with your inner being, and learn new ways of thinking and being that helps you in your journey to self-mastery.

Ideal for:

  • CEO’s, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Business Managers, Start Up Owners interested in attaining self-mastery
  • HR departments, Sales & marketing teams, Customer Relations departments, Communication Departments
  • Life, Business, Leadership and Corporate Coaches
  • Dr’s, NHS Senior Managers, PT’s, healers, therapist and other well-being professionals
  • Anyone curious to evolve their being
  • Anyone wanting to know how by listening inside you are heard on the outside.
  • Anyone who wants to develop their inner Sonar
  • Anyone interested how listening can help you increase presence, productivity and profit in business
  • Anyone seeking to enrich their personal and professional relationships

Are you ready to listen to the messages of your inner Sonar?

Come along to your quest for listening to your true authentic voice and balancing personal mastery with a deep sense of belonging amongst a diverse spiritually aware community of leaders, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life.

I Say Yes Now!

Date: 19/10/2016
Time: 19:30 to 21:00
Venue: Central London-TBC
Cost: £20 +VAT, Early Bird £15+ VAT
Booked By: 03/10/2016
Additional Offer :Bring a Friend Special Offer £30 +VAT for two

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