Lasting, nurturing, and loving relationship does exist—this has been proven by recent research on the brains of long-term couples. But, like everything else in life it takes work, and a good part of that work is managing our inner world, unravelling killer beliefs and injected values. When these destructive beliefs are not managed, they seize on any bump in the road as proof that your negative ideas about love are true.

When you have a relationship setback, a jealous quarrel or experience heartbreak, you may start to think: Am I losing myself in this relationship? Is this too hard? Am I settling? Is he really the right person for me? If I open up my heart is he/she going to disappear on me? Am I going to be hurt?

Your baggage from the past gets dragged into your present, killing off the vitality and joy of your relationship.

Many people go into a relationship based on initial chemistry to then with time passing by they discover that they do not have much in common with their partners. What if you discovered there was something much more fulfilling than just being attracted mentally, sexually or even emotionally to your partner?

What if everything you have learnt about achieving a lasting, loving partnership was a lie and it is what actually stops you from being in a healthy, loving, and nurturing relationship? 

What if most relationships and marriages need not end in divorce or unloving partnerships of convenience? 

If you are currently in a relationship or looking for one and are thinking… 

  • Once I find the love of my life I will be happy
  • When I am earning double what I earn today I will find my partner or feel good enough
  • After I move into the new house I will be content
  • If my partner would stop doing _______ I would be much better-off
  • When I lose weight I will attract the ideal partner of my life
  • As soon as I own my own business I will be happier and ready for a relationship
  • If my children listened and were more _______ I would be content

…Then this one day seminar by Tony J. Selimi will help you revolutionise your understanding of ‘true love’ to dissolve your illusions about relationships, and life. Discover the secrets to creating and maintaining fulfilling bonds that will last for a lifetime. 

This full day program covers eight powerful topics to help you master the art of loving, conscious, and timeless relationships that span beyond chemistry.  

Ideal for:

  • CEO’s, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Business Managers, Start Up Owners with relationship issues and concerns
  • HR departments, Sales & marketing teams, Customer Relations departments, Communication departments 

  • Dr’s, PT’s, NHS staff, healers, therapist and other health, well-being and relationship professionals
  •  Life, Relationship, Business, Leadership, and Corporate Coaches   

  •  Anyone with a dream of having a co-loving relationship
  •   Any person who is single and seeking to attract the right partner in their life
  •      Anyone wanting to enhance their current relationship
  •  People who are wanting to know the art of Loving Communications so that they can create the most-a loving, nurturing and conscious relationship.
  • If you are feeling you are in the wrong relationship and want to break free, but feel stuck and disempowered to take the next steps.

Come along to your quest for knowing the Art of co-loving, balanced, and healthy relationships.

Say Yes to Love Beyond Chemistry!

Date: 21/01/2017
Time: 8:30 to 17:30
Venue: Central London-TBC
Cost: £249 +VAT, Early Bird £199+VAT
Booked By: 30/12/2016 save £50
Additional Offer : Bring a Friend Special Offer £400 +VAT Save £98