Clarity-The Door to Immortal Legacy

Clarity-The Door to Immortal Legacy

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Clarity-The Door to Immortal Legacy

Are you seeking the clarity required to leave an immortal legacy? Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dr. John Demartini, Anthony Robbins, Oprah and Richard Branson are just some of the global leaders Tony studied, met, or taught by who have created an Immortal Legacy. Are you someone with a deeper knowing that you are here to leave an immortal legacy? Can you visualise your business vision unfolding beyond your lifetime? Do you day dream about expanding your business vision to that level that it encompasses the globe? Are you lacking the clarity to be able to see the infinite detail required to accomplish your dreams?

In this talk Tony will teach you what determines the magnitude of your legacy you will leave and how your ability to expand your space and time horizon, define your goals and vision and see the infinite steps required for achieving immortal legacy, is key to you succeeding in this mission.

Tony J Selimi, internationally known as The See-Through Coach and human behavioural expert will show you the steps required for you to gain the clarity needed for you to leave an immortal legacy that continues to inspire and serve millions beyond your lifetime.

Ideal for:

  • CEO’s, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Business Managers, Start Ups
  • HR departments, Sales & marketing teams, Customer Relations departments, Communication departments
  • Leadership and Corporate Coaches
  • Dr’s, PT’s, healers, therapist and other well-being professionals
  • Anyone who lacks clarity and has a dream of starting a business
  • Anyone wanting to know how to get the clarity to increase efficiency and profit in business
  • Anyone seeking to enrich their current career path or emerge as a leader in their field


To Leave and Immortal Legacy, Say Yes Now!

Date: 05/10/2016

Time: 19:30 to 21:00

Venue: Central London-TBC

Cost: £20 +VAT, Early Bird £15+VAT

Booked By: 23/09/2016

Additional Offer : Bring a Friend Special Offer £30 +VAT for two

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