Breakthrough the Silence

Breakthrough the Silence

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Breakthrough the Silence

Silence can be utterly destructive to our relationships and to our own integrity. The absence of meaningful communication can turn a perfectly normal relationship into an unhealthy, emotionally draining, and physically abusive one. The truth is, silence can be more crippling to a relationship than regular debates, disagreements and arguments.

Many couples that are struggling in their relationships often succumb to the default mode of silence and withdrawal. Sometimes, it’s one person who defers to the unspoken, and at times it’s actually both. In either circumstance, such silence—not a healthy pause or meditative break—speaks to the absence of love, caring, nurturing, and verbal and emotional intimacy. Unless we’ve learned to communicate on levels of extra sensory perception or body language, words are currently the only tools available to us to communicate and resolve the issues in the relationship.

There’s little sense to being in a relationship and resorting to silence. Not only does it sabotage the lifeline of a healthy coupling, it chokes your expressive needs, changes your behaviour, and often leads into adultery and break up.

In this talk, Tony J. Selimi, will share with you five powerful conscious relationship principles he uses to help many couples break their silence and honour their truths. Using these five principles you can express what you’re feeling—in the moment that you’re experiencing it—and diffuse the situation when you get to see the whole truth. Using these principles daily reduces the likelihood that you’ll act out on that feeling.
Come along to this workshop if you are ready to get inspired and learn new ways to address problematic feelings that go unexpressed, tend to percolate and boil over, and take on energy of their own, and break the silence that is killing your relationship and disempowers your being.

In mean time you may want to get a head start, you can do so by reading his award-winning books A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness.

Ideal for:

  • CEO’s, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Business Managers, Start Up Owners with relationship issues and concerns
  • HR departments, Sales & marketing teams, Customer Relations departments, Communication departments    

  • Dr’s, PT’s, NHS staff, healers, therapist and other health and well-being professionals
  • Life, relationship, Business, Leadership, and Corporate Coaches      
  • Anyone with a dream of having a co-loving relationship
  • Anyone who is single and seeking to attract the right partner in their life
  • Anyone wanting to enhance their current relationship
  • Anyone wanting to know how to break through the silence that is killing the very same thing that they care most-a loving, nurturing and conscious relationship.

Come along to your quest for co-loving relationship and balancing personal mastery with openness and a deep sense of belonging, caring and loving.

Date: 23/11/2016

Time: 19:30 to 21:00
Venue: Central London-TBC
Cost: £20 +VAT, Early Bird £15+VAT
Booked By: 01/11/2016
Additional Offer : Bring a Friend Special Offer £30 +VAT for two

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