Attain Peaceful Mind- The Key to Your Heart

Attain Peaceful Mind- The Key to Your Heart

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Attain Peaceful Mind- The Key to Your Heart

What would it mean to you and for you to get utter clarity on the right direction for you, feeling clear and confident about taking the next step? Tony J. Selimi will be your guide as you take a break from the “hidden hamster-wheel” of your routine, and make space to discover and connect with what’s most important to you in life.

During this profound, 1-day seminar you’re going to:

  • Start breaking free of the “trick of the mind” that’s been holding you back, keeping you struggling, or feeling like you’re stuck in a rut (once you know the trick, you’re halfway out of the trap)…
  • Identify your biggest leverage point, the place in your life that you can get the most profound results.
  • Then go one step further, and discover the ultimate leverage point for living your most inspiring, fulfilling life, a life that fits you perfectly…

  • Wake up your inner source of leadership, innovation and motivation – your powerhouse for making great decisions, navigating the unknown and allowing you to move confidently forward in the face of uncertainty…
  • Get the kind of deep insights into how your mind works (and how life works) that allow you to have a more successful business and personal life on the inside AND the outside…
  • You’re going to leave the seminar feeling energized, hopeful and inspired, with clarity about yourself, your work and your future…

Come along to your quest for optimal leadership and balancing personal mastery with openness and a deep sense of belonging amongst a diverse community of stakeholders.

Date: 21/01/2017
Time: 8:30 to 17:30
Venue: Central London-TBC
Cost: £249 +VAT, Early Bird £199+ VAT
Booked By: 30/12/2016 save £50
Additional Offer : Bring a Friend Special Offer £400 +VAT Save £98

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