Alter Your Financial Destiny

Alter Your Financial Destiny

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Alter Your Financial Destiny

Do you fear not having enough money now in the future? Do you feel that your financial life is not meeting your expectations or possibly even out of control?  Do you feel like you are living pay cheque to paycheque despite your accumulated assets? Do you fear that you may have reached your financial plateau? Did you think by now you would be way ahead of where you are financially? Do you have difficulty managing your current investments? Are you confused by the array of financial possibilities lying before you? Are you overwhelmed by too many choices? Are you concerned about building your assets, or maybe just managing them? 
If the answer to one or many of these questions is “Yes” then this is your Stop, it is the place where you will learn that there is a science to creating, managing and preserving the wealth that you would love and feel you deserve.

If you are ready to take control of your financial destiny, there is great news for you!  With Tony J. Selimi’s keen business insights and unique financial understanding you will learn how to:

  • Dissolve financial myths and uncover beliefs that maybe sabotaging your financial freedom
  • Break through your financial barriers and beliefs about money
  • Transform your financial difficulties into thriving opportunities
  • Clarify and Expand your short- and long-term financial goals to drive your financial destiny
  • Inspire in you a vision of vastly more powerful wealth creation possibilities
  • Take command of your finances and become more disciplined in your wealth building
  • Use Tony J. Selimi’s Wealth Building Technique to Create or build more wealth and increase your cash flow
  • Provide you with strategies to generate and accumulate more money and create more inspired and profitable work teams 

Whether you seek short-term financial solutions or are searching for a sustaining financial philosophy, whether your annual income is £50,000, £150,000, £500,000, £1,000,000 or more, you stand to gain from this opportunity to introduce yourself to Tony J. Selimi’s TJS evolutionary Method for building wealth and achieve financial mastery.

Tony J. Selimi
is a heart centred entrepreneur, international educator, business consultant and multiple bestselling and award-winning author. He has appeared on many national and international radio and television talk including Graticas, Spirit Radio, Voice of America. Articles and feature stories about Tony J. Selimi and his entrepreneurial insights have appeared in numerous international magazines and newspapers on a range of topics including Leadership and Money. He has consulted for FTSE 100 companies, CEOs, entrepreneurs, Dr’s, coaches, Lawyers, charities, other professionals.

Ideal for:/

  • CEO’s, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Business Managers, Start Ups who want more wealth
  • HR departments, Sales & marketing teams, Customer Relations departments, Communication departments
  • Life, Business, Leadership and Corporate Coaches
  • Dr’s, NHS Staff, PT’s, healers, therapist and other well-being professionals
  • Anyone with a dream of becoming financially independent
  • Anyone wanting to know the financial freedom formula that increases prosperity
  • Anyone seeking to enrich their current financial path or emerge as an expert in their field

Let Tony show you how, Book Now!

Date: 01/04/2017 to 02/04/2017 daily

Time: 9:00 to 18:00
Venue: Central London-TBC

Cost: £499 +VAT, Early Bird £399+VAT

Booked By: (book by 30th of September and Save £100)
Additional Offer : Bring a Friend Offer £750 +VAT (Save £248 +VAT)

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