A Path to Wisdom

A Path to Wisdom


“Tony J. Selimi’s new masterpiece A Path to Wisdom is a thought provoking book that can center your soul, touch your heart and heal your body-mind.” Dr John Demartini – International best-selling author of The Values Factor.

This is your chance to awaken your greatness, listen to your call for love, and learn to access the innate wisdom that is there to help you create your inspired mission. Are you ready to create a balanced, healthy and peaceful life?

You are here because you are someone who’s soul, mind and heart is searching for the truth. You are here because you know that you too are able to switch on the light and offer the hand to those living in darkness. In this book I have distilled the lifelong lessons into a method you can use to create balance across all of the eight key areas of life: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Relationship, Love, Business and Finances.

Let the USA Book Awards 2015 Finalist, Top Shelf Magazine Winner of 2018 and Amazon Best Selling book A Path to Wisdom give you access to your heart’s intelligence and provide you with a deeper awareness of the importance of coherence – which is the alignment of your heart, mind, emotions and body in a state of resonance and cooperation.
Give yourself the permission to let your thirsty mind be quenched with the wisdom shared in every page in this book.


Based on Tony’s thirty-years of study, working as a technologist in the corporate ladder and overcoming life’s greatest adversities, A Path to Wisdom will show you how to go from really living and barely breathing, feeling sick, run-down, alone, stressed, anxious and low to living an inspired life. In this remarkable book, Tony Jeton Selimi, reveals how to use the 25 principles of his TJSeMethod: ALARM to help you live a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life. Through real-life examples, exercises, meditations, and affirmations, Selimi shows how to create your own path to wisdom to develop your own inner resources, just by aligning your inner being and outer reality with your true authentic values and living in the present moment. This multi-award winning and five-times internationally best selling book has deep meaning for readers of all ages. Whether you’re a young adult or simply young at heart, reading or listening to this book will awaken you to your dream life and inspired destiny. You’ll come away from this book with an immense vision of yourself and set in motion a far-reaching ‘ripple effect’, beginning the journey of mastering and living a meaningful and inspiring life.


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