This Meditation is part of TJS Evolutionary Meditations solutions designed specifically to activate the body's natural healing powers. Every word and sound is designed to deepen and awaken you. To position you and to allow you to relax, trust and surrender to the natural healing process of your infinite being. With such inner focus towards yourself, you will open up to allow your imagination to see, experience and feel the true healer within you. Through the power of your mind you are able to directly influence every cell in your body, and this meditation guides you to tap into your own inner potential and awaken your inner doctor. This is excellent guided meditation is for you if you are looking to:
  1. Complement your healing journey with harnessing the power of meditation
  1. Achieve total body mind relaxation.
  2. Connect to the natural healing powers of your body, mind heart and soul
  3. Aid you to overcome emotional challenges such as: stress, depression, anxiety, overwhelm
  4. Help you overcome addictions, physical health challenges, and restore balance to your body
  5. Guide you to experience the true power of Love.
As you awaken from the experience, you will feel peaceful, loved, healed, and with a strong sense of wellbeing. To learn more about how you can accelerate your healing journey, start learning more about the TJS Evolutionary Method, start reading or listening to Tony’s award-winning and best-selling book A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness. Study, use and embody the wisdom you gain through using the five pillars of this method in your day to day life to help you gain the clarity and the tools required to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life. Do this meditation daily and start to feel yourself returning to a healthier state of being. This meditation is to awaken you to the masterful physician that resides in you. You will access your mental healing faculties, connect and acknowledge you as the source of your healing potential, and reconnect your being to the infinite wisdom of love. This meditation awakens you to your own energy so you are able to connect to the masterful physician that resides in you. Throughout this step by step process you will become aware of your mental healing faculty, connecting and acknowledging your own healing power.